How to be successful? Follow Habits Of Successful People

Tips on How to be successful Nowadays everyone wants to attain the glory of success and lead a happy life but in the run of becoming successful, they forget the basic philosophy of Becoming successful that is it is all about what kind of lifestyle you follow as a person. Though may not be true always… Read More »

Sunidhi Chauhan’s five month secret is finally out!

Sunidhi Chauhan- “queen of item songs” has good news for her fans! “GOOD NEWS” Guess what? She’s five months pregnant! She had kept it confidential, only her family and a few friends knew about it. But a reliable source has revealed the news which has been confirmed by her father who says “It’s a new… Read More »

Things girls do when boys aren’t around them

Things girls do when boys aren’t around  We might pride ourselves on being way better-mannered and behaved than most of the guys we know – but we have to admit that we have our fair share of secrets too. Especially when it comes to the things we get up to in the privacy of our… Read More »

Why breastfeeding is more healthier than Artificial feeding?

Is breastfeeding healthier than Artificial feeding? We all are already aware of ‘Breastfeeding is healthier than Artificial feeding’ and some of us might be breastfeeding but not all while some of us still neglecting the beneficial value of it for their new borns saying, it doesn’t change anything whether you breast feed or artificial feed,… Read More »

Your personal guide towards a healthy diet

Healthy diet and its importance We all keep promising ourselves about maintaining a healthy balanced diet and at the end, we keep on breaking it with unhealthy foods, making another promise to follow it from tomorrow and it goes on but tomorrow never comes. Having a balanced diet is what everyone wants to but the only culprit is time,… Read More »

How to Get Six Pack Abs Without Gym

How to Get Six Pack Abs Six Pack Abs are back in trend. Everyone celebrity, actor, director, Sports Personality is working hard on their bodies and flaunting their abs. Six Pack Abs has taken the craze of fitness to the next level. Be it, Cristiano Ronaldo or Virat Kohli, the craze of six pack abs… Read More »