Human live in deeds, not in years

Human the most precious creation of god Indeed, when Marcus Aurelius said this, he was correct in his assessment of the value of human life. The human being is one of the precious creations of God whom, he preserves in this bountiful planet. In fact, man is endowed with special facilities which distinguish him from… Read More »

Major Leetul Gogoi, who used human as a shield in J&K, gets awarded

“Major Gogoi gets Commendation Card from Army Chief” Major Leetul Gogoi, the Indian Army officer who grabbed media attention for using a civilian as a human shield, gets awarded last week by Army Chief General  Bipin Rawat. Army Chief General Bipin Rawat has awarded Major Gogoi with ‘Commendation Card’ for his “sustained efforts” in counter-insurgency… Read More »

Paytm Payment Bank Launched: What it stands for?

Paytm Payment Banks Launched on Tuesday Paytm has announced the opening of Paytm payment banks from today. Although, this banks service from Paytm was slated to earlier last year on Diwali. Paytm has announced the bank opening through a public notice as well as blog issue. From now on, All the Paytm wallet’s business is entitled… Read More »

Donald J. Trump visits the Middle East, talks about peace and terrorism

Donald J. Trump addresses Muslim nations ask them to fight terrorism. American president Donald J. Trump addressed the 50 Muslim-majority nations in the Arab-Islamic-American summit held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. This has been his first foreign visit since he took over the office of President of the United State from Mr. Barack Obama. The American president… Read More »

Politics over EVM: The EC and The Parties

“People make machines, Machines don’t make people” Our democratic model of government is based upon the use of Electronic Voting Machine. EVM (Electronic Voting Machine) is the only medium through which we can reflect our support to a candidate. This choice of candidate is generally based on the political party which is backing that candidate.… Read More »

The Unknown Soldiers of the Nation who cling to life for it’s safety

“Those who cling to life, die and those who defy death, live” Victory in a war generally finds its grounds on armaments and the nation’s military forces. The opportunity to decry the apogee of display of gallantry and valor is at disposal only on the field of honor. By displaying phenomenal intrepidity a soldier becomes… Read More »