4 things you don’t know about Condom

4 things you don’t know about Condom: Some hidden facts Condom and sex are topics not to be talked about in open. Everyone knows the importance of condom. The condom prevents the transmission of STD. It also helps in preventing pregnancy. People know that tey must use a condom while having sex. But the taboo… Read More »

5 things you should avoid before workout

5 things you should avoid before workout: What not to eat or drink before a workout You need fuel for your body to workout. Whether you want to build muscle or increase your stamina, you need fuel to complete your exercise. Everyone sets a different goal for themselves. But you might feel that you get… Read More »

‘Dangal’ earns Rs. 2000 Crore: Smashes all records

‘Dangal’ earns Rs. 2000 Crore: Becomes first Indian Movie to collect Rs. 2000 Crore at Box Office India: ‘Dangal’ movie proved its mettle on the global platform. ‘Dangal’ earns Rs. 2000 Crore worldwide. As a consequence, ‘Dangal’ becomes first Indian movie to do so. It has also become the fifth non-English movie to earn Rs. 1000… Read More »

Sneakers under Rs. 2000 : 5 shoes you must own

Sneakers under Rs. 2000: 5 pair of shoes that you must buy right now This week is the week of sales. The autumn fashion designs will be released next month. Moreover, a heavy discount is levied on almost all commodities. For this reason, market analysts have predicted this week as the best time to complete… Read More »

Eid Mubarak quotes to wish everyone Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak Quotes to wish your loved ones, Eid Mubarak   Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr to mark the end of Ramadan month. In fact, ‘Eid al-Fitr’ means ‘festival of breaking the fast’. Actually, Ramadan month is the auspicious month of fasting and praying to Allah for the well-being of friends and family.  As a matter… Read More »

Traditional Eid ul Fitr recipes to cook and feel the joy

Eid ul Fitr Recipes You should cook this Eid Eid is the festival of love, care and compassion celebrated by the humans especially of the Muslim community. The month of Ramadan is always considered as the sacred month when all the divine powers come together and sprinkle all their blessings on us. On the day… Read More »

Legs workout: How to train legs muscles

Legs Workout: How to train your leg muscles Legs workout is very important for a healthy body. Every other person in the gym wishes for big biceps or large chest. But very few of you are willing to work their legs out. In fact, strong legs are very important for muscle building. If your legs are… Read More »

Landslide in China: Over 140 people feared to be buried in Sichuan

Landslide in China After a major landslide hit China’s Sichuan province at about 06:00 am around 150 people have gone missing. Sichuan is located in South-Western. About 50 homes have been destroyed by the curse of nature n Xinmo in Maoxian County. Landslide in China: Rescue is underway A rescue operation is going under way they are… Read More »

What woman look for in their man: 5 traits that woman look for

What woman look for in their man: 5 traits that every woman look for in their man What woman look for in their man is the common yet unanswered question. In fact, What women want is perhaps the biggest mystery. And this mystery is yet to be solved. Ladies out there, ask yourself what you want… Read More »

Meira Kumar for President: Opposition nominate their Candidate

Meira Kumar for President: Opposition unites against the BJP The Opposition Parties fielded ex-Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar against former Bihar Governor Ram Nath Kovind. On Thursday, the Opposition nominated Meira Kumar for President. The Presidential elections are scheduled on July 17th, 2017. The Opposition announced their candidate after a series of discussion. Although BJP announced their… Read More »