India vs England, 4th test : India eye on test series win

India vs England, 4th test : A dominant Indian team will be eyeing to clinch the 5 match – test series with a victory in 4th test at the wankhede stadium. Both the teams will be squaring off in the Wankhede on the Thursday morning. The rivalry between India and England is going in the… Read More »

Ways to reduce Stress faster and easily -20 Best Tips

20 Ways to reduce stress or anxiety Some stress is good and gives us that extra push to accomplish goals and stay motivated.Unfortunately, long term stress can have serious effects on our health. However, stress doesn’t have to get the best of us. Below are 20 simple and easy ways to reduce  stress levels. 20… Read More »

21 Best christmas decoration tips for this Festive session

21 CHRISTMAS DECORATION TIPS A list of Christmas decoration s a small gift to you this seasonideas from our Yrsnews family. Check out these Christmas decoration tips that are sure to get everyone into the spirit of festival. We  all try to save our money with homemade Christmas gifts and Christmas appetizers which we make… Read More »

How to take care of Beard and How to grow Beard faster and easily

How to grow beard faster and maintain it easily Men develop beards to have a Mature and Manly look that helps them to be more appealing to potential dates and even to raise cash for spleen. The growth of facial hair basically depends on hereditary qualities. Some men are blessed with fast-growing facial hair, while… Read More »

Tamila Nadu’s Cheif minister Jayalalithaa passes away

Amma’s Empire came to an end. Just after one year of independence, Jaylalithaa(Amma) was born. She took birth on 24 February 1948,  at melukota in maysore district now called Karnataka. Acting carrer- The actress of Tamil, Kannada and Telugu films who worked in 140+ films and made people her admirer. She was also known for… Read More »

Honest Review of Vidya balan starer ‘Kaahani 2’

Review of kahaani 2 Director: Sujoy Ghosh Caste: Vidya balan, Arjun rampal, jugal hansraj, tota roj chowdhury Director Sujoy Ghosh is back with another mysterious story set in Kolkata, which is starring Vidya balan in the lead rold. However, kahaani 2 is more predictable than kahaani. Vidya sinha(Vidya balan) is a working professional in Kolkata and… Read More »

Everything you need to know about ‘Christmas day’

WHY WE CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS 25 December the day of Christmas is celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ, who Christians believe is the Son of God. The name ‘Christmas’ comes from the Mass of Christ (or Jesus). A Mass service is where Christians remember that Jesus died for us and then came back to life.… Read More »

Goa Travel Guide, What to do and where to do ?

Goa Travel Guide – Short Brief Goa is place synonym for parties, beaches, good food and relaxations. You just can’t get done with Goa only on a single visit you may have to visit this place more than once. But let me tell you some things you should do when you are in a place… Read More »

13 Best tips on ‘How to Impress Girls effortlessly’

HOW TO IMPRESS GIRLS ??? Want to make that certain girl feel for you.?  Though you can’t control how she feels and make her fall in love with you, you can just put yourself into a better light. So to answer your queries about how to impress  girls ? Here we  have given some proven… Read More »