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What is the ‘Blue Whale Game’ and why should you be aware about it?

What is the Blue Whale Game? It was brought into existence by an ex-psychology student, who hails from Russia. The main motive behind this was according to him those people who don’t bring any kind of value to the society must be eliminated, and Blue Whale Game has led to hundreds of teens to commit… Read More »

18 years of Kargil, India salutes martyrs of Kargil war

Anniversary of Kargil war The victory of Kargil war completes 18 years today (26th July). It was on this day, 18 years ago when Indian armed forces defeated Pakistan. Today, Indian forces announced their victory in the Kargil war. In 1988, Pakistani intruders have captured the hills of Kargil during winters. When Indian Army came… Read More »

Pakistan taking no action on Extremist Groups, says America

American report on Extremist Groups America, on its yearly report on extremist groups, has targeted Pakistan. It said that the attacks on India and Afghanistan are done mostly by the extremist groups in Pakistan. Notably, Pakistan is not taking any action on these extremist groups. The American foreign ministry gave its report on Wednesday. As… Read More »

Normalization of rape? Being fearless is the need of the hour!

Normalization of rape? Being fearless is the need of the hour! Has it been bugging you too?  The constant layer of depressed and nerve wrecking bites all over the news? And what worries us the most is how most of these are related to rape, molestations, and sexual harassment. A similar news was reported in… Read More »

Here are 17 lesser known facts about India

Here are some lesser known facts about India We are back with some really cool less known facts about India! 1. It was in India from where the human speech developed. Yes, India is the mother place of history, the birthplace of legend and tradition. 2. A floating post office – India has the largest… Read More »

These are the Must Visit Hill stations of India

Must Visit Hill stations of India Snow cascading mountain, pristine lakes, shimmering waterfalls, the cool breeze and beautiful nature what else can make your summer exhilarating and memorable.   Leaving behind the chaotic traffic of the town, and the regular corporate life,  everyone wants to spend some time at a place where they can relax and… Read More »

Amarnath Yatra 2017: Will we ever be able to say that India is safe?

Will we ever be able to say that our country is safe? Amarnath Yatra: People going to take the blessing of God, were killed! Today we aren’t writing upon how much people have been killed or what our Indian government is doing for the families of people who have been killed. Today we are writing… Read More »

Monsoon season: An ode to the Nature’s beauty

Monsoon season: The revival of Nature’s Beauty Monsoon in itself is a happy word. Who doesn’t love rains? Rain makes everything look beautiful. These days Delhi has been experiencing little showers. It’s expected that such weather will be consistent till 20th of June. What else does rain do? Rain is not only beautiful but it… Read More »

Delhi vs Mumbai: How Delhiite differ from a Mumbaikar

Delhi vs Mumbai: How Delhi guys are different from Mumbai Guys “Mumbai ka boss”  and “Delhi k bande” are a very rare kind of species which are basically found in the two largest cities of India Delhi and Mumbai respectively.  You can easily recognize them no matter where they are, with their fashion and their unique… Read More »