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Everything related to sex could be found here be it Sex tips, stories, talks, discussions or anything. We made this hard talk category to take an initiative to make the sex talk more respectable topic to be talked about. Till now you would have only heard/cliche things about sex, but now we will present sex in a totally different manner.

Sex is not only a topic its an emotion. We do sex to have the gratification of being a living being. Sex isn’t something we should be ashamed of talking about instead we should be proud to talk about sex. We used the word hard talk to make sure that if you visit this category it’s at your own risk. You can also subscribe to our website for more stuff.

5 facts about sex: Things you should know about sex

5 facts about sex: The dirty little secrets you should know Sex and intimacy is a field where everyone is ready to give advice to others. In fact, many people around you will become ‘sexpert’ for you. They might provide with a variety of advises and tips for better sex. But there are facts about sex… Read More »

how to sexually attract men: What men want from women

How to sexually attract men When it comes to men it becomes very easy to impress them. Yes, it so because what they need are some good food and some quality sex. Is that your man lacks that sexual drive? is that he seems uninterested when it comes to trying best sex positions? wait I… Read More »

6 Things Women want Men to know about Sex and their Needs in Bed

Things Women want Men to know about Sex Every girl (doesn’t matter how innocent) loves sex. It’s not a reflection on her character, in fact, it’s a bold move on her part to discuss her desires with you. Women are always demanding whether it be sex or anything else and just because of there demanding… Read More »