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Who won Rwanda’s presidential elections for the third time in a row?

Who is Paul Kagame, the man who swept the Rwanda’s presidential elections? He is the man who has effortlessly gained a sweeping majority of 98.63% in the recent Rwanda’s presidential elections. Such a huge number has certainly taken the whole world by a storm. He was a former rebel who has now been in power for 17… Read More »

India gets America’s support on Doklam case. China shocked once again by America’s behaviour.

India gets America’s support on Doklam case The Indian and Chinese armies are in front of each other in Doklam. China is continuously trying to gain support from other countries. China wants to show India aggressive and declares it defender. The Chinese official is trying to pressurize India on Doklam case from the other countries… Read More »

Venezuela Crisis: Millions join strike against the elections

Venezuela Crisis: Millions join a general strike against the elections The opposition in the Venezuela has called a general strike opposing the elections. Due to the strike and the crisis, Venezuela is standing on the verge of bankruptcy. However, President Nicolas Maduro claims that Venezuela Crisis is minimal in nature. Furthermore, Mr. Maduro has issued the… Read More »

Pakistan taking no action on Extremist Groups, says America

American report on Extremist Groups America, on its yearly report on extremist groups, has targeted Pakistan. It said that the attacks on India and Afghanistan are done mostly by the extremist groups in Pakistan. Notably, Pakistan is not taking any action on these extremist groups. The American foreign ministry gave its report on Wednesday. As… Read More »

US Senator John McCain is diagnosed with Brain Cancer

US Senator John McCain diagnosed with high-level Brain Cancer US Senator John McCain has aggressive cancer in his brain, the office of the US Senator confirms this news. At this point, the US Senator John McCain is now considering treatment options. His office confirms the report of Cancer and presently The Senator is considering therapy options. Actually, his… Read More »

America supports India, with Australia, US warns China

America supports India, warns China America has warned China that if anything happens to India in the Indian Ocean, it will keep quite. It also warned that with Japan’s help, it can come forward to help India. China’s aggressive behavior in the Indian Ocean due to the Doklam dispute will lead international borders to indulge… Read More »

Trump and Putin had an undisclosed talk at the G20 summit

Trump and Putin had an undisclosed talk at the G20 summit US President Trump and Russian President Putin had an undisclosed conversation at the G20 meet. White House confirms the news of Trump and Putin having secret talks at the G20. Although, White House has not revealed what was the topic of their discussion. But… Read More »

Indo-China Border standoff: Is China preparing for war with India?

China preparing for war with India: 1000 tons of artillery sent Tibet During a tension on Dolgam, China has sent thousand tons of artillery to the Tibet border. As said by China, they are sending the troops with arms only for a military practice. Though it is difficult to understand that a military practice does… Read More »

South Korea proposes talks with North Korea

South Korea proposes talks with North Korea after Pyongyang missile test In a recent development in world politics, South Korea proposes talks with North Korea. Although, North Korea has not responded to the proposal yet. But if they respond to this, it will be the first time North Korea will be involved in high-level talks… Read More »