Here’s how GST is affecting the BTown

Here’s how GST is affecting the Bollywood: GST HELPS IN INCREASING THE INCOME OF FILM STARS

Here's how GST is affecting
As per the trade analysis expert and cinema owners, GST became to be very crucial for increasing box office numbers

After the implementation of GST, it was very crucial to see what exactly happens with the box office numbers. So Here’s how GST is affecting the Bollywood. Last Friday was the first release date after the GST. Three films were released last week. ‘Mom’ where Shri Devi played the lead role, ‘Guest Iin London’ was a comedy where lead role is played by Paresh Rawal and Spider-Man which is a Hollywood film. The last prequel of the films was super hit.

As per the trade analysis expert and cinema owners, GST became to be very crucial for increasing box office numbers. Mom was released last week and collected 2.50 crore at the box office on Friday. Even Saturday and Sunday collections were more than Friday. Monday was low from Saturday and Sunday but better than Friday. So it was concluded that GST could be beneficial for Bollywood movies.

Here’s how GST is affecting the Media

The benefit of GST to films is really good for the nation. Many distributors, producers, and theater owners interacted with media.

As per distributors, it’s like winning a flash game for them. GST acts as a surprise mystery for the people connected to the film. They explained, most of the entertainment tax was going to the government and very less amount was left. But now, 26 – 28% of tax is been there. So it’s good for the entertainment industry.

According to cinema owners, they interacted with media saying that 99% of collections was going under entertainment tax and only few amount gets left to show as collections. GST IS very beneficial for cinema staff and even for producers and distributors.

Our Take

GST is a helpful and grateful greet for the people who work under entertainment. It is very beneficial for producers, distributors, cinema. As now the tax rate is been only 26 – 28 % which is very less now. GST will be also helpful in increasing box office numbers and salaries of stars. So Here’s how GST is affecting the B town.

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