How to Get Six Pack Abs Without Gym

How to Get Six Pack Abs

Six Pack Abs are back in trend. Everyone celebrity, actor, director, Sports Personality is working hard on their bodies and flaunting their abs. Six Pack Abs has taken the craze of fitness to the next level. Be it, Cristiano Ronaldo or Virat Kohli, the craze of six pack abs can be found all around the world. But many of you might face the time crunch and thus cannot go to the gym. Many times, You might wonder How to Get Six Pack Abs without Gym. By and large, six pack abs are the result of discipline and dedication. So here are some exercises which answer your query: How to Get Six Pack Abs without Gym.

how to get six pack abs
How to get six pack abs

How to Get Six Pack Abs Without Gym: 2 exercises to build six pack Abs

  1. Crunches

Crunches are the most basic exercise of the Abs Exercise regime. By and large, the crunches give a shape to your abs and chisel them for a better look. Crunches also help in increasing the core strength and thus enhancing the all over growth of the body.

How to do Crunches:- Lie down on the ground with a straight back and legs. Now slightly raise your knees while keeping the heels on the ground. Now raise your upper body and keep your legs in the same position as above. As you raise your upper body against your legs, your abdominal area compresses and gets squeezed. You have to exhale while compressing your abdominal. Now move your upper body back to ground while inhaling. This one set of motion is One Crunch. Do at least 30 reps of Crunches.

  1. Kickbacks

Kickbacks is another very important exercise for building six pack abs. Kickback helps in reducing the lower belly fat and thus paving the way to six pack abs. Another thing about Kickback is that you can do them wherever you can.

How to do Kickback:- Kickbacks are very easy to perform. Sit on a chair with hands holding the side of the chair. Now raise your legs and bring them to the level of your chair. Afterward, slightly raise your knees and drop your heels. Now bring the legs closer to your body while exhaling and squeezing your stomach. Now Inhale and take legs back to the horizontal. By and large, perform at least 20 reps.

So this is How to Get Six Pack Abs without Gym. These are two most basic exercise which will take only 15-20 minutes combined. Moreover, you can perform them in the morning or in the evening. No doubt these are very effective and will surely help you in building six pack abs.

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