5 Most haunted places in the world to bring the hell out of you

By | August 3, 2017

List of the Most haunted places in the world which can give you a spine chilling experience.

Most haunted places in the world

These are the 5 Most haunted places in the world

What if you come to know that those haunted houses, eerie jungles, mysterious castles, old cemeteries in the horror movies you have watched, actually exist. There are some most haunted places in the world which can raise your hair with the supernatural activities and the paranormal vibes. These places not only denies the theory of science but also make you believe in the existence of apparition. These spooky places will chill your spine and make you believe the myths and the creepy stories of your grandma.

Well here is the list of “Most haunted places in the world”

  1. Bhangarh Fort

Most haunted places in the world

According to the folklore,  the Fort become eerie as a result of a curse given a wizard

Bhangarh Fort in the Alwar district of Rajasthan is one of the spookiest places in the world. This deserted Fort which once was a flourished kingdom is now a haunted place where people have experienced the presence of supernatural activities. According to the folklore,  the Fort become eerie as a result of a curse given a wizard. The wizard was smitten by the Princess of the kingdom and in order to get her, he weaved a plan using a magic potion. But the princess got to know about his intention and through that portion. Being refused by the Princess, the wizard cursed the kingdom and people to death. Since from then the place became abandoned and is believed that the thousand spirit haunts the place.

  1. Screaming Tunnel, Niagara Falls.

This tunnel positioned connects Niagara Falls to Toronto and New York

This is positioned beneath the railway route that connects Niagara Falls to Toronto and New York. According to the folks, approximately a century ago there was a farm house placed simply close to the tunnel. One night the farm residence caught fireplace and a younger female doused in flame screaming for help jogging wild. Nobody knows the story how the farm residence stuck hearth. She ran via the tunnel if in case she should get some help however lamentably she was burnt absolutely and collapsed. So from that day onwards whoever attempts lighting in the tunnel, the spirit comes out screaming and haunting the person.

  1. The Schooner Hotel, UK

People here declare to have heard screams in this hotel

This place is claimed as one of the eeriest places in the UK. People here declare to have heard whispers, scream and knock on their doorways. Even today this hotel is open for overnight stays, so if through hazard you take place to strive your success, please have a stay in room no. 17 and 28,  which we consider as the most prominent traveling locations for the spirits in that hotel.

  1. Island’s of Doll, Mexico

Island’s of Doll, Mexico

Island’s of Doll, Mexico

Located in Mexico City, the island,  the Island of the Dolls is one of the strangest haunted locations in the world.  According to the folklore, a man named Julian moved to the island unknowing of the spooking history of the place where a three-year-old girl died after getting drown in the lake.

Locals believed that ever since her loss of life, the young girl’s’ spirit has not left the island. It soon grew pretty a recognition as a haunted place, and locals wouldn’t cross close to it at night for fear of what they will see.

Julian claimed that as soon as he moved to the island a little female started out talking to him. He started out to get the dolls for this little girl. After some time Julian has also died on the same island.

Today, travelers to the island often speak of the doll’s eyes following them. Others have additionally suggested that the mutilated dolls whisper to them, specifically at night time. Julian’s ghost is also said to stay on the island, in addition to the young women’.

  1. Old Changi Hospital, Singapore

most haunted places in the world

Old Changi Hospital, Singapore

The Changi beach in Singapore is believed of being a popular killing ground of the Chinese infantrymen by the Japanese during the second world war. Thousands of Chinese soldiers were tortured and killed during this operation as they were suspected via the Japanese of stepping into anti-Japanese. Often at night people may also locate deep dig pits as that wished for burials of lifeless our bodies. What’s most horrifying is that some beach combers have observed headless bodies of Chinese language infantrymen at the seaside at night.

Our take

So these are the Most haunted places in the world. These spooky places have denied the theories of science and made the world to believe the existence of spirits and other supernatural elements.

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