SRK and Anushka left the Kapil Sharma Show without shooting

SRK and Anushka left the Kapil Sharma Show

SRK and Anushka leave the Kapil Sharma Show without shooting
Why SRK and Anushka leave the Kapil Sharma Show without shooting?

It seems like days are not going good for standup comedian Kapil Sharma. Recently Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma had visited on the sets of Kapil Sharma Show this Friday. The two actors were to promote their upcoming film ‘Jab Harry met Sejal’. Unfortunately, due to some reasons, SRK and Anushka leave the Kapil Sharma Show without shooting. As per the sources, Kapil’s mental status was good as he was under deep stress due to which he didn’t turn up for the show and the shoot was canceled.

Kapil’s professional career is going through various outcomes after the exit of his team members. Due to his rift with Sunil Grover and other team members, Kapil has come under a very difficult situation.

Why SRK and Anushka left the Kapil Sharma Show without shooting: The Inside Story

SRK and Anushka leave the Kapil Sharma Show without shooting
It is reported that Kapil Sharma was unable to complete the shoot due to some personal problems and health issues

Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma have started for the promotions of their upcoming movie ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’- The film will be releasing on 4th of August. Both the lead actors visited ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ for the promotion purposes only. As per the reports, Kapil did not turn up for the show and both Srk and Anushka had to left without shooting for the episode.

According to the sources, Kapil was under great stress because of which shoot could not happen. He is under a lot of stress due to worries about his show and maintaining good TRP’s run. Kapil may also be under stress due to Krushna’s upcoming show on the same channel where ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ comes. Recently, when the team of ‘Guest Iin London’ came for the promotions even then Kapil’s health was not good and unfortunately, shoot got canceled. Seems like Kapil has been thinking a lot about his show which is now affecting his health.

SRK and Kapil Sharma

SRK and Anushka leave the Kapil Sharma Show without shooting
The guest for the first episode of The Kapil Sharma Show was none other than Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan and Kapil Sharma share a great bond of friendship. They have been seen appreciating each other work, whether it comes to television, films, business or any other sector. Kapil respects SRK a lot and they both share a brother-like bond. Even Shah Rukh has been seen many times helping Kapil in his difficult situations. Very fewer people know this that Shah Rukh Khan comes under the list of celebrities who have appeared most on Kapil’s show. Even Shah Rukh Khan only presented the ‘Kapil Sharma Show’ and became the first guest of the Kapil’s show. Shah Rukh never misses a chance to promote his films on this show.

Kapil and the never ending problems

Seems like problems are not getting over for Kapil Sharma- they’re only increasing day by day. Starting from his controversial tweets, till rift with team members and now canceling the shoot with SRK and Anushka Sharma. Kapil is under great stress for his show and difficulties he is going through. Kapil has also signed an agreement with Chandan Prabhakar who left the show before, is now back. Moreover, Kapil has also welcomed Bharti Singh and her fiance Harsh for the show. This may help Kapil resolve his problems!

Our Take

We just hope both the actors Shah Rukh and Anushka comes up again for the shoot. Fans want to see both SRK and Kapil together again on ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ which could entertain well and break all previous TRP’s records.

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