10 best things of the 80s: Back in Time

10 Things which we did in the 80s

10 best things of the 80s: A ride to the memory lane

10 best things of the 80s

Back in Time: 10 best things of the 80s

The generation of 80’s had certainly loved their time with some of the unforgettable matters which today’s generation won’t recognize. There had been no internet connection, no damn freaking FB, selfies, and other hi-fi technology but still, the time became golden for 80’s folk. Although, you might not have thought of these things in a very long time. But deep down they stay in the recesses of your mind. those little matters could definitely make you sense nostalgic and you’ll truly connect with these items if you are an 80s friend. So let’s go back to memory and remember these 10 best things of the 80s

Here are 10 best things of the 80s

1. A massive collection of audio cassettes.

10 Things which we did in the 80s

Cassette tape

The best way to listen to our favorite songs was audio cassettes as there had been no option of downloading the track or on-line streaming.Every time any new album launched, we visited our nearby audio shop with the list of songs written on a paper. The flimsy plastic cases, shining brown tape were the only source of listening to our song. we had a large series of cassettes with the name of songs it had.


2. Cartoons

10 Things which we did in the 80s

Cartoon Characters from the 80s

We were fond of cartoons no longer best as a reason that it entertained us but at the end of the episodes, it taught us a moral lesson. We can’t deny that these cartoons mentioned our youth. The “Duck Tales” wherein the enduring individual of Uncle Scrooge become looking to deal with his nephews Louie, Huey, and Dewey. “Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai data shall hai chaddi been k fool khula hai”. This tune from the caricature “Mowgli” become at the lips of each kid and was given embedded in our brains. Cartoons like Mickey Mouse made our formative years extra stunning.

3. Making paper boats and racing with friends in monsoon

10 best things of the 80s

Paper Boats were a rage at that time

For us, monsoon was no longer just about taking part in the rain and appreciating the nature but it becomes additionally about making paper boats by tearing out pages from our notebooks and let the boat to move with the glide of rainwater streams. We did competition with our pals and siblings that whose boat will waft for the longest. Now monsoon isn’t any greater exciting for the modern generation it’s all about clogged roads, floods, and traffic.


4. Childhood games

10 best things of the 80s

Pitthu was way more interesting than Clash of Clan

The period of the 80s would have been incomplete without the games like Lukka Chuppi, CHOR-POLICE, IN PIN SAFTEY PIN, Pitthu and Gilli Danda. And the most famous one, which begins with the line the “bathe Kya Karein karna Hai kuch kaam”. Yes, you guessed it right. Antakshiri was the most famous game of the 80s. In this game, each player has to sing a song with the last consonant on which the previous player tune turned into the end.


5. Cute fats landlines

10 best things of the 80s

It was fun dialing on these cute landlines

The landline telephones with the curly wires were the only gadgets for us as there were no smart telephones. It turned into one of the most interesting experience for us to hold the handset with one cease on the ear and different at the face, dialing numbers at the dial pad of these fats landlines was one of the coolest aspects for us.

6. Pencils box was the love

10 best things of the 80s

The constant and necessary requirement in our lives, Pencil Box

For us, the largest possession we had became our series of colorful pencils, sharpener, scented rubbers in our pencil box. The NATRAJ geometry box made us feel like we had the most precious treasure in our bag during our faculty days.

7. Obsession for bicycle

10 best things of the 80s

The only mode of transport and fun, Bicycle

Cycle changed into our dream vehicle, we all were crazy for getting a bicycle. Bicycle with some colorful capabilities had been our fable. Everybody with a bicycle was thought to be the coolest champ and it became certain the thing that made us nut.

8. TV series

10 best things of the 80s

There were much more entertaining series than GOT

The tv collection and drama equally made the duration of 80s unforgettable. DEKH BHAI DEKH, CHANDRAKANTA, HUM PANCH, VIKRAM AUR BETAAL were some of the famous shows that killed our boredom. The testimonies in Malgudi Days turned into part of our youth and made us realize the human nature at a very young age.


9. Champak and Chacha Chaudhary

10 best things of the 80s

Champak and Chacha Chaudhary were more interesting than online tabloids

The time of the 80s had been not ruled by the internet rather the comics and books made the memories. It turned into full of interesting characters and tales which we might like to study all the time. For us, CHACHA Chaudhry became the most sensible man and he usually surprised us together with his quick wit. Locating the distinction among the two same looking photographs became the most interesting part of the CHAMPAK COMICS.

10. Mario, Street Hunter

10 best things of the 80s

The games, Mario and Street Hunter were much more fun than Counter Stike

Mario becomes the high-quality part of the 80s. In fact, we ought to spend hours and hours gambling SuperMario, that Italian plumber. We had been loopy approximately that online game and gathering coins. It turned into the largest source of entertainment for us. As a matter of fact, we used to eagerly wait for our school to get over in order to play the game. There had been a few others video games also like ‘Contra’. ‘Contra’ was the interesting game of run and gun. It was a fighting sport between the 2 martial art expert Ryu and Ken.

So these are the 10 best things of the 80s. Hope you had a good run down the memory lane. Enjoy the moment.

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