19 November-Top 10 updates of the Day

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Written by Anshu Jha

19 November-Top 10 Updates of World today

Let’s take a glance on world’s most important updates of today.Uodates

Here are the top news of today.

1-Yemen strained by air strike and fighting reports,truce aimed at ending up more than a year which began on Saturday,residents told that fight is still going on in the country but at parts only.

2-Pakistan military claimed that they had shot India’s drone which entered heavily guarded LOC,it was shot around 1645 hours as per the Pakistan’s army spokes person.

3-Protesters came on streets in seol on today against the embattled president Park Geun- hye she is resisting calls to step down amid in which there is an ongoing political crisis in which she has been alleged yi have meddle in state affairs.

4- 12 Suni tribals killed by Islamic state as they were supporting Iraqi government and five police men in a town in south of Mosul,they were gunned down at fake check points which was set up by insurgents in shirqat.

5- The Muslim council of sri Lanka has objected very strongly on the statement made by the minister of Justice Wijeysada rajpakshe in Parliament on Friday as se said that 32 Muslims of sri Lanka had left the country to join ISis in Syria.

6- Nice- France has been alleged that they are deporting minors to Italy,no of adults are also deported,this came into news when few youngsters demanded security and access to child service in Briel- sur-roya.

7- In Beirut 27 civilians have been killed in airstrikes barrel bombing and artillery firing,it took place in Syria’s allepo city,the Syrian observatory for Hunan Rights reported heavy bombardment across the eastern side.

8- In Beijing 659 kg of ketamine and arrested eight drug dealers the van was arrested with 2,00,000 yuan.

9- Journalist’s Union head jailed in Egypt for spreading false news and harbouring two people,wanted by authorities.They were also fined 10,000 Egyptian pounse.

10-Barack Obama has to face tough question on his last foreign trip.As he is Lima for an Asia- Pacific economic corporation which is likely to focus on trump’s shock victory.

These were the top updates of the day as the world is still fighting from terrorism and people are still in a state of shock about Trump’s victory in U.S elections. These were the highlights of today’s world’s happening.

By- Akhil

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