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Here are top 5 romantic movies to watch this monsoon

top romantic movies to watch
Written by Anshu Jha

Top 5 Romantic movies to watch right now

Love stories and romance are the most celebrated genre of motion pictures. In the first place, Hollywood has created some of the most beautiful romantic pictures of all time with outstanding performances. These movies will simply make you fall for them and sweep you away in a wonderful world of love and passion. With the soul-soothing passion, unmatched chemistout soothing touching songs this feature will make you head over heels with these movies.

Here are the top 5 romantic movies to watch this on this rainy weekend

1. Titanic

top romantic movies to watch

Based on real event, Titanic depicts the eternal love story of two young souls

A love story doomed by the Atlantic Ocean, one of the most romantic movies based on the real incident is what the Titanic is.  Titanic is a love story of a two young couple with different social class taking place on a luxurious boat heading from New York to Atlantic. Jack the male protagonist was a homeless artist won a ticket for Titanic which was the best thing ever happened to him. There he met Rose an aristocrat who was traveling with her millionaire fiancé.  Jack and Rose fall for each other but their fate wished something else. The gigantic boat smacked into an iceberg making the boat of sinking. Jack saved Rose’s life-giving in his life. The love story between Rose and Jack became a history and it will always make you cry no matter how many times you have watched this movie.

2. Notebook

top romantic movies to watch

Released in 2004, The Notebook starred Ryan Gosling and Rachel Mc Adams

A contemporary love story set between the pre and post period of World War 2 is definitely a tearjerker movie. Noah and Allie two young spirit of different social class fall in love with each other and spend their summer together. But their social status forced them apart and prevented their togetherness. But as the saying goes nothing can apart from a true love,  they again reunite after 7 years with the same tenderness of the love and passion. The story will cast a spell and make you cry at many places, so don’t forget to keep the box of tissues to your aside.

3. PS I Love you

top romantic movies to watch

Based on the novel of the same name, This movie was released in the year 2007

This is an awe-inspiring love story which will defiantly make you cry a bucket. After the death of Gerry, the husband of Holly from a  serious illness she lost her hope and the love of her life. She was going through a hard time and then she found a letter from her husband which encourages her to start a new life with all the happiness and love. This story is about a second chance Holly takes in her life after the death of her husband. This is a must watch on every list.

4. The proposal

top romantic movies to watch

This romantic comedy movie will leave you the same time laughing and emotional at

This is a story of a fiery book editor who forces her secretary to pose as her fiance. Sandra Bullock finds no option but to get married to her assistant Ryan Reynolds after being deported to Canada. It started as a Contract deal and soon the deal turned into real romance when the two spend time with Andrew ’s family. This movie shows how professional contact turns into a beautiful relationship.

5. A walk to remember

top 10 romantic movies

This movie was given the name of the ‘coming Age Romantic Movie’

A cool dude and a simple girl isn’t it a perfect match?  Well, you will get the answer after watching this beautifully novel turned movie. This is a love story of two people from completely different tracks ended up falling in love with each other. Landon Carter, the famous and troubled guy of his college and Jamie Sullivan an introvert and a serious kinda girl fall for each other but their lifestyles set them apart. The whole journey of this love and separation is romantically weaved.

Our Take:

These are the 5 top romantic movies to watch this weekend. of course, these movies definitely stole our heart and have been the pioneers of this genre, hence, we highly recommend these to you. Feel the love and binge watch!

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