Art of etiquette – An integral part of everyone’s life


Why Etiquette?

No matter who you are or what you do, your manners will always have a direct impact on your daily course of life. Etiquette is the behavior which distinguishes human beings from animals. A polite behavior results in unimaginable identity for oneself. Among all the unruly animals, the art of etiquette makes a person kind enough to mark up his own identity in the society.

Why is Etiquette an essential part of life?

The practice of etiquette has the ability to let you walk in your own circle of emotions, which is indeed considered to be protective. Though our acts being socially acceptable, sometimes sidetrack. Every profession needs the art of etiquette, where one can act completely polite and be kind. The customary of being kind and polite was the only option to mark the identity of the upper-class people in the late 18th century.  Many of the good behaviors has been lost in the swirling wind of social media. Imagine a world, where every single person practices it and the shrinking of hatred around the world, That would be the world which our ancestors insisted us to be in.


Here are the secret rules:

The following content, if followed, can completely change the perception of your life for the rest of the living. Here are 10 beautiful Ideas.

  • Never exaggerate
  • Never laugh at the misfortunes of others
  • Don’t stop being punctual
  • Never give with a hope of getting something in return
  • Never speak much about your performance
  • Don’t ever exhibit anger or distress
  • Never deny accepting your own mistakes
  • Never insult others
  • Don’t fail to speak in a kind tone
  • Ultimately, Never hesitate to help others irrespective of their response

Our take

Though all the above-mentioned rules cannot be practically feasible, the attempt to practice the art of etiquette can change the life of, not only the practitioner but also the people who get influenced. Reserving good behavior for special occasions may not be the right choice if you wish to be a better etiquette.

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