Best medical colleges from around the world: Any guesses?

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Best medical colleges in the world

People usually don’t prefer doing their MBBS outside their country as the fact that getting back to their own country becomes tough. Medical sectors have gained more importance than the engineering degrees due to its demand across the world. The current generation is in need of doctors and hence the demand of this sector has increased rapidly. Following to which more and more students are interested in pursuing medicine as their career and to secure their career they want to do their Medical studies from one of the best medical colleges around the world. After researching for hours and seeing the medical college rankings by the different organizations we have listed the top 10 best medical colleges on the globe.

Following are the top Medical colleges in the globe in accordance with the latest ranking

10. Karolinska Institutet

Best medical colleges

Karolinska Institutet

It is also known as Royal Caroline Institute. Karolinska Institutet was established in the year 1810. This institution has been consistently named among prestigious colleges around the globe. It offers many medical courses like clinical and first aid training. It consists of 50 professors belonging to various medical discipline in the institution.

9. University College London


University College London is public research university that was established in 1826 from which more than 35,000 students get educated. It consists of more than 7 thousand teaching staffs, it is also the world’s leading multidisciplinary college. It is the third oldest college in England. Students who come out of this college are ranked in top positions.

8. Yale Universities

Yale Universities

Yale Universities

The Yale University spreads over a massive 1,1015 acres, Yale University was established back in 1701 from which more than 12,000 students study. Yale is also the third oldest college available in the US.

7. University of California, San Francisco

University of California, San Francisco

University of California, San Francisco

The University of California was established back in 1873, it serves as center of diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of eye-related problems

6. University of California, Los Angeles

University of California, Los Angeles

University of California, Los Angeles

This was established in 1919, which is the second oldest university. The University of California receives the most number of applications of a count around 43 thousand students and 4 thousand academic staffs

5. Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University

It was established in 1876, which was named after the philanthropist and its benefactor John Hopkins, it is also the first research university in the US.

4. Stanford University

Stanford University

Stanford University

Was established in the year 1891,  it has been the leading universities over many decades. It spreads across 8,180 acres, which makes it the largest universities present in the United States of America.

3. University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge

World’s fourth oldest university and the second in England which was established in 1209, the university made up to 31 colleges containing 100 departments. Cambridge press is the second largest in the world.

2. University of Oxford

This is the oldest university in the England which was established in 1096, this university started growing when English speaking citizens weren’t admitted in Paris University. It consists of 38 colleges if various departments. It is also the world’s oldest university museum.

1. Harvard University


The Harvard University stands the first in the world ranking, they have faculties who won various awards like Guggenheim Fellowship.

Our take

This was the list of the top medical colleges in the world for providing the best quality of education for medical aspirants.

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