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Top 5 online jobs to get yourself occupied and earn money

Top 5 online jobs for 2017
Written by Vinduja

Top 5 online jobs for 2017

Top 5 online jobs for 2017

The Top 5 online jobs for 2017 which could get you some extra money.

Finding a job in today’s world is a very difficult task. No doubt, people are much more qualified than their job requires. As a matter of fact, the economy is crashing down like an airplane with a bad engine propeller. In other words, you never know when you might face the heat of Global Economic Crisis. Ironically, the internet comes here to your rescue. Not only online jobs add money to your income, at the same time it gives you the much-needed exposure and experience. Check out these Top 5 online jobs for 2017 to add some hard cash to your pocket.

Here are Top 5 online jobs for 2017 to get yourself some extra income

1. Blogging from home

Top 5 online jobs for 2017

Blogging became one of the biggest trends in 2017.

You can create simple blogs, post great content and promote your own blog.
You can create a blog for free without any assistance with the help of WordPress or if you want a more professionals blog then you can hire a blog developers.
Create free blogs or paid blogs as well. Ads help a lot in earning through blogs
One of the best way to earn from your blog is by putting ads on the ad networks like Google AdSense, where with per click in your ad you can earn good money.

2. Affiliate Jobs

Top 5 online jobs for 2017

Apart from the extra money earned, Affiliate jobs help you in creating a dynamic personality.

An affiliate program is a way in which you promote popular websites like eBay, Amazon, Flipkart etc and get paid for promotion. Shopping sites pay 4 to 15 percent from the affiliate program for every selling you do through promotion

3. Freelancing

Top 5 online jobs for 2017

In past few years, Freelancing has greatly improved the job scenes by creating more vacancies

Freelancing is a means by which you can provide your services to your clients. Most of your clients will be temporary. You can work on your terms and conditions, provide quality services and earn great money.

Skills like writing, online promotion, web design, coding, singing, advising etc. are very popular skills for various freelancing jobs.

4.Online Writing Job

Top 5 online jobs for 2017

Online writing includes writing news and writing blogs for different websites.

If you’re interested in writing you can do online writing jobs. Various online jobs are currently very popular in the market because different websites want to keep their content updated and that’s where online writer’s role comes into play. You can earn up to $20 per article depending upon your article length.

To start with online writing you can use CopyBlogger (if you’re new to this field)

5. Selling Online

Top 5 online jobs for 2017

E-commerce has increased by multiple folds in last decade.

Want to earn as well as eat tasty fries in the comfort of your home? Amazon is providing this opportunity in which you can setup your online business on their website. If somebody doesn’t recognize your brand in the market you can use Amazon as a brand and that will help in convincing your prospective clients that your products are being recognized by a big brand like Amazon.

You can sell products on other websites too and earn in a similar way like eBay, Flipkart and more.

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