What is the ‘Blue Whale Game’ and why should you be aware about it?

blue whale suicide game
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What is the Blue Whale Game?

It was brought into existence by an ex-psychology student, who hails from Russia. The main motive behind this was according to him those people who don’t bring any kind of value to the society must be eliminated, and Blue Whale Game has led to hundreds of teens to commit suicide from all over the world.

blue whale suicide game

Blue whale suicide game

How does it work?

There are basically some groups, who post quotes in the favor of suicide. These groups are mainly active in the social media site called VKontiko, extremely popular in Russia. Then the user is given a link to download the blue whale game, and once it is put into your phone, the servers controlling the blue whale game gets access to your personal data and information, including your address, the place you live in, the name of your parents etc.  The user is then given a series of tasks, which is molded in the form of duties and is presented to the user.
These tasks vary from self-harm, watching horror movies, getting up at an inconvenient time such as 4.30 am and going to the terrace for a walk, to stand at the edge of the terrace. And finally, all these tasks culminate on the 50th day, which is taking your own life.
Prior to every single task, the user is expected to send a photo of the task after completion, else the person is threatened with dire consequences, such as harming their close ones. Hence out of fear, they complete the tasks.
The users mainly comprise of those who have a long history of depression and are suicidal. This game is basically a way to manipulate the people undergoing depression and other underlying mental trauma into committing suicide.
blue whale game

Blue whale suicide game

Our Take:

The only way we can prevent this to happen is to go to have a controlled approach to the internet. Parents should monitor the online activities of the child, or to go to a psychiatrist, or to approach a loved one on the detection of initial signs of mental trauma or depression.
By: Isha Gupta

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