Breakup? The right time to wake up!

How to deal with breakup
Written by Anshu Jha

Are you one amongst those who have been through breakup lately?

A breakup is one of the most difficult and challenging phases in one’s life. It can either make you or break you disastrously. Falling in love is so easy but coming out of it is as similar as to think about to walk in the water. Everything happens for a good reason maybe today you don’t realize but someday when you’ll turn back to look around, you already knowing your answer and you will stop cursing karma and you, too. We know, it’s hard but starting afresh is the only option here and just to motivate you and help you overcome the sorrow here we have compiled a list of 7 phases of dealing with breakup. Read on.
How to deal with breakup

Let’s check if you’re on the right track to deal with it

1. Denial

During the start of the first week of a breakup, we often keep denying about the *break-up*, we still wish to continue living in our fairy tale and  try to convince ourself with the thought that whatever we’re going through is just a nightmare and one day when we will wake up everything will be perfectly perfect the way it was earlier.

2. Pain

Do you think it’s easy to hide your pain with your smile? The hardest thing one can do is hide his/her pain. We know it ain’t easy to purge the feeling of being dumped. Everything was going smoothly like it was supposed to and then, suddenly one fine day a person walks to you and says the three words (but this time not the magical ones) “It’s all over”.

3. Suffering

You cry, cry and cry a lot and a lot. You skip meals, totally distracted, can’t concentrate on anything. The only thing you focus on is to keep rewinding all those memories in your head like a movie scene, you shared with him and keep getting hurt and more hurt. To suffer is all about overthinking.

4. Ignorance 

This phase will literally kill you deep inside because now in this phase you gonna realise *how much you mean to him/her now* and most of the times, a person gets ignored by the other but still he/she try to convince himself/herself with the thought that there might be something wrong and everything will be fine after a few days.

5. Acceptance

In this phase, you finally and finally accept the fact it’s over *people don’t leave to comeback* and now more cries, tears but still somewhere deep down you are sad about it and it’s totally healthy, after all before you move on in life you need to accept your past failures and mistakes and learn from it. 

6. Moving on

To move on in life after your heart got broke into pieces is really a hard task, but you have to. Life is all about moving ahead, there’s no need to be stuck in one place. Come out of your shell like a butterfly and fill your life with oodles of colors, joy, and happiness. 

7. Starting afresh

Now when you have gone through all the odds it’s high time for you to start a new phase in your life without any hustle. People are meant to make memories not to stay forever this is what you need to keep in your mind. Be your own boss. Play hard to win each and every game of your life. Learn and defeat. Prove you are as worth as diamond to the one who left you thinking you a stone. Do what you love be it writing, painting, singing, anything, just showcase your talent so that when tomorrow you look in the mirror you found yourself a *winner* already. In short “be you” and you be-you-tiful.

Our Take

Here’s a poetry for all you lone souls.
Every day I convince myself,
with all those lies that I could tell.
Moving on has never been easy,
but you have to make it one.
You promised yourself to never look back,
You promised yourself to never hurt back,
But oh my darling look who’s back?
Teary eyes and all those flashbacks are here again to say you… Hi !!
You said that you will move on,
so take a step and move ahead.
Don’t lose yourself to find others,
instead, remind yourself to…

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