Why is breastfeeding more healthier than Artificial feeding?

breastfeeding and pumping
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Is breastfeeding healthier than Artificial feeding?

We all are already aware of ‘Breastfeeding is healthier than Artificial feeding’ and some of us might be breastfeeding but not all while some of us still neglecting the beneficial value of it for their newborns saying, it doesn’t change anything whether you breastfeed or artificial feed, there’s an only minute difference.
Breastfeeding advantages

Breastfeeding advantages

Women these days are more concerned about their figures than their children, this too a reason they artificial feed them while they can breastfeed but they don’t want to as it will ruin their body shape.
Even after so many advertisements, creating awareness on ‘breastfeeding’ is still, we’re not valuing the god gift to our newborns then what’s the use of gift when you don’t use it only, where it needed to be.

☆ Why is it necessary?

As it is said in the book ‘Dietetics’ by B Srilakshmi, one of the most known and famous faces in the nutrition department. She says breastfeeding is a natural food for the infant. Successful breastfeeding is an important child-rearing skill to be learned and practiced.

1. Colostrum

During the first two or three days after delivery, thick yellowish fluid is secreted from the mammary gland and it is very important for an infant as it contains antibodies that will prevent him from diseases. It differs from regular milk and is rich in other nutrients too, like protein, vitamin A, C, K.

2. Transition Milk

During next two weeks after delivery, the milk changes in appearance and composition and the milk quantity increases and hence it is known as Transition Milk.

3. Foremilk

The start of a feed is called foremilk and is watery, rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and etc. It satisfies the baby’s thirst.
breastfeeding and pumping


☆ Advantages to the Infant

~Reduced chances of allergies, as human milk does not cause allergies.
~ Human milk is always fresh at the right temperature.
~ It is a complete meal for the infant.
~ Infants jaw is more fully developed and works harder to extract milk.
~ Less danger of contamination and gastrointestinal problems.

☆ Advantages to the Mother

~ It creates strong bonding with the infant.
~ It is an important birth control method.
~ Helps the mother to shed extra weight accumulated during pregnancy under the effect of various hormones.
~ It decreases the risk of postpartum depression.
~ It improves bone density.

☆ Is it advisable to breastfeed during illness?

 Of course yes, but is only possible with appropriate medications, treatment, and support in diseases like Diabetes Mellitus, hypothyroidism, Crohn’s disease. It can be continued during most of the illnesses like TB, hepatitis B and infections like viral respiratory infections and asthma.

☆ Artificial Feeding

Sometimes advisable when a mother suffering from illness, fever or infections or mother is not available to feed a child or she is on drugs, steroids or anticoagulants.

☆ Feeding Problems

~ Tooth decay
~ Underfeeding
~ Diarrhoea
~ Constipation

Our point of view-

Lately, we celebrated ‘Breastfeeding Week’, August 1 to August 7. A mothers milk is always best for the infant. There can’t be anything better than this if you want your child to be healthy in future. Nothing can be as rich with proteins, minerals, vitamins, fats, and energy than breast milk. So be aware and let others aware of you.

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