How content writing has changed: The quality of the content

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Written by Ansar

What is important for a good writer Quantity or Quality?

Which one among these two should a good content writer choose? Your answer can be “it depends”, yes, it depends on what aspect you are talking about. Some cases you would choose quality and in some cases you choose quantity. For example: When you are hungry, you will go for the quantity rather than considering the quality of the food. Similarly when you want to buy a TV for your home, you see the quality and not the quantity.

“Quantity or Quality?” is a debatable topic unless you are specific about where you are going to apply it.

Though majority of people believe that Quality is more important for the writer than the quantity, some people are forced to have a good number of count than the quality of their writings, the likes of Facebook pages wherein they want more and more writings than the quality just to showcase their talent to people, they end up losing their quality.

But, the fact is that, though it depends on the situation, to a writer, quality is more important.

Content writing

Internet and Social Network: Anyone can become a writer

Before Internet came in, a writer had to put his mind to the thinking. But once these internet have come, anyone is able to just re-create the sentence and the matter.

The growth of these social networks have made many platforms to show case your talents, and with this we don’t have any limit to the content that we share. Hence people keep sharing, increasing their quantity and losing the quality of the writer as a whole.

Our Take

“Stuffs have changed” One of the major struggles content marketers have is manufacturing enough content and at the same time keeping the standard high. That is one thing a skilled writers should go through  each and every day of his life.

A note to content writing fraternity

Hype tends to create folks desire they are being manipulated — and nobody likes that.

So tone it down. Write content to assist folks and add worth to their lives. Use content to tell and entertain. Use sales copy to sell.


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