Crude Oil Racket: 40 Million Litres Stolen From Cairn In Four Years

Crude Oil Racket
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Crude Oil Racket: 40 Million Litres Stolen From Cairn In Four Years, Probe Ordered

Crude Oil Racket

40 Million Litres Stolen From Cairn In Four Years

In an investigation conducted at Cairn Oil & Gas, it resulted in the unearthing of a big Crude Oil Racket of millions of dollars. In this investigation, police found out that a gang of more than 100 people which includes company employees was involved. Twenty-five(25) of such employees have been arrested till now.

 About the Crude Oil Racket:

Crude Oil Racket

The oilfield in the Barmer district of Rajasthan

The oilfield is located in the Barmer district of Rajasthan where the country’s biggest onshore field is located. It was revealed that they have stolen 10 million liters (46 crore liters) of crude oil. In the preceding 4-5 years, around 40 million of liters of crude oil was stolen from the company & was sent to states like Kolkata, Gujarat, & Delhi etc. The stolen crude oil was sold to two local factories.
This illegal activity of Crude Oil Racket has caused a very large loss of Rs 45 – 50 crores to the state government of Rajasthan. Senior officers at state petroleum dept have arrived Barmer to help police officials in the further investigation process.
The District collector(DC)Shiv Prasad Nakate have ordered the police department for an investigation in this matter, keeping many points for consideration, including the revenue loss to the government, explosive license of the factory etc.
Nakate said that the food & civil supplies officer & land acquisition officer Ashok Sangwa is given the role of the investigation officer for the administrative investigation. Since then, the investigation has started. A team of police will check whether factory, where crude oil was kept hidden in the underground tankers, had an explosive license or not.
Since the matter is in a grave situation as it deals with the security system of the company which is under constant strict vigil. Despite that, the theft took place inside the. Police are looking into the allegations that some of the local staff were in contact with the network.

Tankers in possession of police

Tankers used by the racket are actually used to take the waste water out from the oil field from the factory. THE criminal network involved in the theft was filling 2 of the five compartments of each tanker with crude oil. Thirty-nine( 39) tankers used for the theft & thirty-three (33) tankers have been taken into the custody of police department. The local factories have been accused of selling the crude oil on across India for road production & diesel production.
District police chief Gagandeep Singhla in a press conference held on Friday, 21 st July 2017 said that on 14th July 14, 2017,  Cairn Oil & Gas has lodged a case at Nagana police station in which it is stated that the crude oil was filled in tankers & stolen instead of the producer water.

Our take:

Oil refineries should be under strict supervision. With this incident happening even when company claims of having a strict security system, proper checks of materials should be done from time to time. These measures are in need to stop the Crude Oil Racket immediately.

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