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Written by Rashmi Sharma

Tips and tricks to reduce stress at workplace

Working eight hours a day gives a lot of stress not only physically but also mentally and Believe me, we all have faced work stress. And it necessary to keep your work aside and go out to take the fresh air that detoxifies you. But sometimes it is really difficult to steal some time from your busy schedule and relax. Worry not, we have listed some of the most efficient ways of de-stress without leaving your desk.

Reset your workspace

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It’s time to clean up your messed up table and those drawers which have all the unwanted materials. tidy up your table and pull out all the trash from there, if possible clean up your digital space as well. Doing this will not only give you some time to think some extra stuff but also kick your energy to work some extra hour. Moreover, it will take off your mind from your busy stressful work pressure.

Destressing your hand

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Our hands, they work all day long. from carrying things to typing and writing stuff. it is utterly important to give our hand their needed break. nothing much to be done though, just give them nice gentle stretch and massage with your thumbs and index finger. Relax your hands, shoulders, and neck to relax those sore muscles. Now that you are done with all the relaxing, you are ready to work again in no time.

Breathing technique

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You all must be familiar with this trick. It is the most efficient way for calming our body. One of the simplest tricks, just take deep breaths and exhale after some time and while doing this feel the expansion and contraction of your lungs. This trick not only calms your body mechanics but also makes you more efficient.

Progressive relaxation

exexercise to reduce stress level

This is the best possible way to combat your anxiety and stress at workplace. Start with stretching you toe muscles and then work your way up by realizing the muscles of your feet, legs, arms, and neck. This won’t take you long but when you’ll finish you will end up feeling more energetic. not only this, it will make you more productive and result in a smooth workflow.

Ear massage

ways to de-stress at workplace

This may sound odd, but this Chinese technique has been proven. The trick is to massage gently around the outer shells and earlobe on a particular spot. this process has been proven by medical researchers and it simultaneously helps in relieving stress and anxiety.

Our take

We have all faced anxiety and stress while working, and surely it is not advisable to work under stress as it might affect your health as well. Working in a healthy environment will not only make your work happy but also more efficient. So, try not to work under stress and stay happy.

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