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Fathers Day Quotes and wishes

Fathers day: The Day when the paternal bond is celebrated, honoring our father’s efforts to make us what we are today. It is just a day when we celebrate a bond with our fathers and make them realize they too have played an important role in our lives. We talk about the role of a mother in a child’s life but do we ever think of what a man goes through to bring that child into this world and raise him with all those quality things which are of his requirement.

But today is the day when we can appreciate him for his deeds and make him feel proud of us. There shouldn’t be always an aim to do something big or extraordinary to make him proud or blessed some simple, easy & things with a bit little effort can also make them feel blessed to be a father. In our country, [India] father’s day is not that effective in comparison to mother’s day. It’s obvious that a mother has strong eternal, emotional, and physical connection to the child. But a father is connected to the child mentally. We just need to clear some of our mental barriers to create a perfect world for both a mother and a father.

Fathers day quotes

Happy Fathers day

The history behind father’s day and What is Fathers Day 2018?

Celebrating father’s day was started because of women who thought that mothers are given more respect and love so why not fathers. First father’s day was celebrated on 19th June 1910 in Washington State. This is the fathers day is on the 3 Sunday which is 17th of June.

Quotes- that make feelings readable

Quotes are lines that are written beautifully, to express feelings. They are used when you want to make your loved ones feel blessed. Quotes are the thoughts, that writer writes to express his or her feelings, or the observed thoughts. These can be written on any topic or for occasions. Or just written but never used in a manner to anyone. So here are talking about father’s day, an example of father’s day quotes are given below – You can use these quotes in cards, messages or letters.


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He was just a simple common man to the world but no one knew he was a support,he was a strength,he was a secret keeper, he was just a dad.


Importance of quotes

As told quotes are of a different topic, they are available for every relation or situation. So the point is quotes make it easy for you to say it will create a good bonding or relationship between you two.  Quotes are mainly two typed that is serious and deep, they convey emotions and feelings. Quotes can be used as a starting of any kind of relationship such as friendship. They bring out the freshness in your new building relationship, but it depends on the person how he or she is using it. For people who fail at love or friendship writing quotes can help them in moving on or mend their broken heart.

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Father’s day and quotes

On father’s day, you get a good chance to strengthen your bond with your father through getting some good quotes from the internet and then using them in an appropriate way. You can write letters and use some of the good quotes as the highlight; you can also make a handmade box and fill it all with good quotes.


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No matter what situation, a daughter faces. No matter how hard it is, she will always have a person behind her to make her strong, independent and teach her to fight against wrong

Why is a father so special in his own way?

When it comes to being a parent, musty the attention goes to mothers. And why wouldn’t it? They are the ones who go through the whole change in pregnancy, labour, nursing, and most of the changes. But ho how can we forget about a person who’s just connected through imagination to his child until they are born. Mothers can feel the child, but fathers cannot. After a child’s birth, he takes all the financial responsibilities. He sacrifices his likes so that he can give a better future for his child. Makes every possible change in him so that he can be a good father but mostly his sacrifices go unseen.


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My inspiration,his life. Just watched his life, to make mine perfect.

Why do we spend less on father’s day in comparison to mother’s day?

Because fathers are mostly busy in making money, yes, making money for his child’s better future but during making money he loses some of the most precious moments of his child’s life. A space in child’s heart of seeing his father’s love is mostly empty because of many pressures. Financial, social and many more, until the process of earning money, complete themes left a huge gap between a child and the father. The bond is strong but affection presence matters when it comes to making a bond perfect.

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His shoulder my peace, his hug my world, he my universe.

How to make it special for him, memorable

Letters, gifts, cards are the most common things we do. But there are some easy and simple ideas to make father’s day his most memorable day such as recite him a short father’s day poem to show your love, call a good simple house party, call his old friends, spend day with him, recall childhood memories try to know about his likes and dislikes. Make simple efforts to make him simple. And you’ll receive a smile like never before it will be all worth your efforts.

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Did thousands attempts to satisfy him. My one smile and the satisfaction on his face was visible.

These were our thoughts on the combination of father’s day and quotes, these were the most simple ways to make him smile.

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