Food that you need to stay away from while you’re on periods!

foods to avoid during periods
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Periods is a real tough time of the month and the roller coaster of emotions that comes with it is unmatched. Pain, anger, irritation, absent-mindedness, mood swings, and unexplained behavior sucks us and the ones who come in touch with us on “those” days. We can’t completely abandon from these but can surely reduce it to some extent. Girls generally tend to eat anything they grab their hands on and then regret that later when they get back to “normal”. This leads to nothing more than increased PMS symptoms and increased weight. So, these are some foods you should strictly avoid when you are on your periods:

foods to avoid during periods


Processed foods

Many times packaged processed food contains unknown ingredients which can worsen menstrual pain and inflammation.



Consumption of alcohol during periods can disturb your menstrual cycle and increase the levels of estrogen in the body.



Caffeinated foods and beverages can lead to mood swings, sleep difficulties, menstrual pain and irregular periods.


Dairy Products

Dairy products contain saturated fats which can cause increased menstrual cramp and can make your period worse.



Foods having high carbohydrates should be avoided as these make you feel more tired and lazy which you already are and hence, adding to the pain.


Fried eateries

Fried foods contain trans fats which increase mood swings during periods and increases fats in the body making you regret it later.

So, girls, you now need to think before you eat anything to make your periods less painful and more bearable.

TIP: Make your diet balanced and add bananas, oranges, yogurt, corn, carrots, leafy green veggies and chocolates(not too much!) to your diet during periods.

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