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Four Harry Potter Teachers We All Wish We Had

Harry Potter
Written by Ritika Mendiratta

Teaching is an art

Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Shaping young minds, minds that need direction or will flounder is a skill that not many people possess. We’ve all had teachers, and not just ones in school, who have shaped us and made us who we are today.

Harry Potter, as a story, has been a teacher to many. Many people, including me, have learned a lot about bravery and kindness, about equality and what discrimination can do, through this series. The seven-book saga has a lot of memorable characters, and some of them, are teachers we all wish we had.

Well, it’s because of these teachers, that I can appreciate where Hermione was coming from when all she wanted to do, was study.

So here are four Harry Potter teachers who we all wish we had

1. Professor Remus Lupin

Professor Remus Lupin

Professor Remus Lupin

If you can say that didn’t laugh out loud while reading or watching the first class of Professor Lupin, you are either lying or have no sense of humor. He was the first competent Defence Of The Dark Arts teacher that Harry had met, and he certainly did help him, not just with his studies, Lupin gave Harry the support and tools he needed to survive that year.

As Potter fans would know, Remus did his best to be Professor Lupin when all he wanted to be was Uncle Moony.

2. Hagrid



While he may not have been the best at teaching a subject because let’s face it, a hippogriff in the first class? Not the best idea. But he was the one person in Harry’s life who told him the truth and taught him how to be himself, and how to deal with his pain. He was the person who made Hogwarts, home. He also managed to get into enough trouble, to keep life at Hogwarts entertaining.

Truth be told, we all need a Hagrid in our lives.

3. Professor Dumbledore

Professor Dumbledore

Professor Dumbledore

Now Dumbledore is a conflicting man, many questions his motives and actions, but no one can deny that he was one of the best teachers you could possibly have. With his silly sense of humor and his unique style, he was probably the most loved Hogwarts Headmaster of all times. While the man wasn’t perfect and made mistakes, he was one of the major reasons why Voldemort was defeated.

Harry did the right thing by naming his son after the man, though the middle name is still questionable.

4. Professor McGonagall


Minerva McGonagall, or McAwesome, as we call her in the Potter community, is the most amazing, strong and sensible woman you will ever meet. And while she may come off as stern and strict, as we see through the series, she did always possess the Gryffindor-ish mischief.  She protected her students as much as she taught them, and while there were no excuses for being late to her class, you can always count on her to forgive easily.

She may not have had children of her own, but no one can say she wasn’t a mother.

Our Take: One Last Thank You

At last, there is another teacher I’d like to thank, a teacher hidden in the shadows, who most don’t think was a teacher. I’d like to thank Joanne Rowling or JK Rowling as she calls herself, for writing this amazing series and teaching a whole generation more about life than textbooks ever could.

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