Google is silently recording everything you say. Here’s how to hear it

Google voice search

Google might have conversations with people from around the world

Google might have conversations of people all over the world stored in their database. In fact, only talking on the phone sends this data to the Google database. Now speculations are that personal data of people from all over the world is saved in Google database. Google Voice Search requires you to feed your voice when you configure your new mobile. Afterward, it records all your conversation with other people. However, Google uses only your voice to improve its voice recognition tools. You can listen and even delete your personal data from your Google account by accessing your Google account.


Google voice search

Google records your everyday activity

Apart from recording your conversations on Google Voice Search, Google keeps a track of your daily activity. Whether you are at a market or mall or club or college. Google keep a track on all of its users. First, wherever you open or access any app linked to Google, its reads your location. If you frequently access Google from the same location, it starts to show you an option on the status bar of your phone. Furthermore, the new software of Google, Google Assistant makes it more easy to track your activity. Google assistant has the feature which reads your daily activity and then asks you questions about it. Google Assistant saves all the answers you give to those questions in the Google database.

google recording data

How to get access to this information?

The best part of these recordings is that you can hear or delete them. Even so, your conversations are recorded and you are unaware of it. Now you can hear all of your recordings and delete them if you want to. These recordings are available under the heading on Google history page. There you can find a long list of recordings. There is another page which records your activity. When you again visit the place or you are in any same situation, it reminds you by asking a question about your last activity. This way it acts as a reminder or a kind of diary for you. From here you can read and even delete any private information that you want to delete.

Our Take

Everyone knew that Google Voice Search records our voice for voice training. But this revelation of recording calls and private conversation is a shock for everyone. Whatever may be the reason, every company should maintain and respect the privacy of every Individual on Earth. In conclusion, it would be best if Google designs an update so that people can manually change their privacy settings.

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