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Healthy diet plan
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Healthy diet and its importance

Healthy diet plan

Healthy diet

We all keep promising ourselves about maintaining a healthy balanced diet and at the end, we keep on breaking it with unhealthy foods, making another promise to follow it from tomorrow and it goes on but tomorrow never comes.
Having a balanced diet is what everyone wants to but the only culprit is time, none of us invest our time looking for one’s health and later regret it. There have been lots and lots of advertisements claiming their foods are rich in nutrition or if eating this will maintain a complete balanced diet.

Why do we need a healthy diet?

 We all think it’s too difficult to follow a balanced diet, I wouldn’t be able to do this and why do I need it? I am already thin or fit and we have a complete mindset, all fat people or obese need this, why should I or I don’t and also I can eat whatever I love to or want to but in reality, everyone needs a healthy lifestyle.
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is beneficial for you only otherwise you’ll keep falling ill or turn into an obese and it will lead to several severe diseases like Diabetes Mellitus, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, coronary heart diseases and etc.

What all does a healthy diet include?

To maintain a healthy balanced diet, one should follow food pyramid to make your life healthy and happy and it includes-

1. Cereals, Pulses, Legumes or Millets

A person should include more and more amounts of these group or can say eat adequately as it provides energy, protein, fiber, B-complex vitamins like thiamine, riboflavin, folic acid and iron too.
Examples- rice, Bajra, wheat, rajma, soybean, rice flakes and puffed rice and also cowpea, peas or rajma.

2. Vegetables and Fruits

One should eat these liberally, as it provides fibers, carotenoids, calcium and B-complex vitamins.
Examples- Dark green leafy vegetables, all yellow, red and orange fruits, and vegetables.

3. Animal and Dairy Products

Animals are one of the greatest sources of providing nutrition and energy to the body. One should consume these moderately, it provides protein, fat, iron, calcium and riboflavin.
Examples- milk and milk products like cheese, curd and animal products like eggs, fish, meat, chicken.

4. Oils and Sugars

Though we all know it is not good for our health still we keep consuming it in a large amount but as per food pyramid, we only need sparingly in our diet. Avoid deep fried foods as much possible. We are not saying stop it completely, we are only saying to reduce it to less. Oils and Fats too are necessary for our body but not in excess amount only in a less amount. It provides us energy, proteins, fat soluble vitamins.
Examples- butter, ghee, sugar, jaggery.

Our take:

At first, it always seems hard that doesn’t mean you don’t. Try it. Have a healthy lifestyle. Stay fit. Exercise regularly & be physically active.
By – Sadiqua Khan

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