Gujarat Poll Commission Takes Note Of Archbishop’s Letter, Sends Notice

Gujrat poll commision
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Gujarat Poll Commission sent a letter before the election

As folks questioned the correctitude of the church speaking on political matters on social media, archbishop of Gandhinagar Thomas Macewan aforementioned his letter was “merely an appeal to hope.

The Archbishop of Gandhinagar, Thomas Macwan was sent a letter from the Election Commission in Gujarat which was a notice which mentioned many times in the letter about “nationalist forces”  which is seen as a reference to the BJP.

The letter, self-addressed to senior churchmen, aforementioned that their prayers will “save their country from nationalist forces”. This letter which was dated November 21 read as “Nationalist forces which are on the verge of seizing the country. The elections of Gujarat State Assembly will create a difference!”.

Addressed to “Your Eminences, Graces and Lordships”, the letter additional said: “The secular and democratic material of our country is at stake. Human Rights are being desecrated. The constitutional rights are being trodden. Not one day goes without an attack on our churches, devoted or establishments. there’s a growing sense of insecurity among the minorities, OBCs, BCs, poor and then on.”

Gujrat poll commision

bishop of Gandhinagar ( Thomas Macwan)

As individuals questioned the correctitude of the church speaking on political matters on social media, the bishop aforesaid his letter wasn’t meant for the general public and was “merely an appeal to wish.”

“Whenever we’ve had elections in the past we have a tendency to continuously try guiding our individuals and we tend to|and that we always inspired them to travel for their pick and also we tell them to decide on their leader in line with their conscience… And it (the letter) wasn’t meant to run for the public; it had been mainly meant for the people to pray,” he said.

Christians are a really little section of voters in Gujarat — 0.51 percent, who are historically best-known to have backed the Congress in the assembly elections. Thomas Macwan has been the bishop of Gandhinagar for the last 2 years

Our Take

The letter has clearly mentioned that people have their own rights to elect and choose people of their own choice, lets wait for a new leader of people’s choice.

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