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Halloween card
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Best Halloween Greeting cards

Greeting cards have always been one of the best ways to express your feelings and wish someone to the fullest, especially when it is handmade. Amongst the busy day-to-day life schedule somewhere we miss the craze of any festival. Making greeting cards with kids can make you feel the fizz of the festival. Greeting cards always give you that space of writing all you want to say. To add a little fun and excitement in your festival here we have listed few ideas for Halloween greeting cards which will surely help you out in making creative Halloween greeting cards for your friends and family.

Halloween painted greeting card

List of Halloween greeting cards for family

Greeting cards made for our family or acquaintance will be a memory forever. A family picture on it would be the center of attraction. Moreover, greetings with family pictures are very rare. This idea could surprise many!

Handwritten greeting cards

Greeting cards can be fully written. This will help in creating cards full of write-ups. This provides large space to write quotes or wishes. It also enables to write the good Halloween story that you remember.

Handwritten greeting card

Cards of images

Halloween greeting cards can also be fussier like the fake spider webs on Halloween. To avoid such you will definitely need some Halloween greeting cards ideas. For making a pictorial greeting card few images are required, scrap paper and color pens. Aligning all the pictures and dropping a quote would keep it simple and presentable.

Compact halloween greeting cards. Different Halloween greeting card ideas can be implemented in seperate cards

Laced greeting card

The greeting card can also be made out of colorful laces. The only precaution for this Halloween greeting card idea is, choose the color wisely. White or black will go well with orange. Laces in the front or behind the leaf, this would give the greeting card a fresh look. This Halloween greeting card will help out making the best lace greeting cards.

Lace greeting card

Geometric greeting card

The shape of a greeting card is mandatory to rate it according to its look. Shaping sometimes limits but it adds an extra worthy stage for itself. Shaping a card will make it look attractive. You can shape the card according to any gift you wrap for this Halloween. You can also give some geometric shape to it using these Halloween greeting cards ideas. Making little greeting cards and attaching to it will increase its beauty.

Shaped greeting card


Cartoons are one of the best ways to deliver your wishes. Kids can better understand the pictures. The toughest quote would never bother kids if greeting has more of cartoon pictures. Pictorial representation of cartoon characters will make the greeting cards cute and apt for children. It will also attract people who like cartoons.Cartoon Halloween greeting cardPainted greeting card

A handcraft is always the best to gift someone. Handmade cards are unique than any other greeting cards. A card that has been painted to be gifted will never be regretted gifting. These cards will project the painter’s emotions, which is quite good to be done.

Halloween greeting card


Halloween story

A greeting card with a Halloween story on it aligned using pictures adds meaning to a Halloween story card. In this greeting card, a Halloween story can be represented. Pulling out an old memory and making into a collage will also work out.

Halloween greeting cards

A projective greeting card

Cut out few strips of scrap paper. Fold it into two. Take fleet on both the sides so that it becomes flexible. Pasting them adjacent to each other will give a projective look. It will resemble a semi-sphere when only the ends are pasted and the card is fully open. Painting its nose and eyes with a contract color will add a catchy look to it. This kind of greeting cards will be loved by kids.

Halloween greetings

Cut and paste to make a greeting card

Ever imagined cutting the alphabets to put it in a greeting. This could be amazing. A look of 3-dimensional work could be seen. All you have to do is, to cut and paste. Write a quote or message you wish to convey on a scrap paper. Let it be in a different font and angle. Cut it out. Paste the same in a card. This could work for both insides as well as outside the card. If you wish, the letters could be printed too. Pasting some cotton will give a look of smoke to the card.

Halloween cards


Having a simple card is not a worry at all. A decorative envelope could neutralize it. An envelope with swirls on it. A pumpkin could be made out of paper curls. Pasting them on the envelope would make it look like a paper pouch worth having. This increases the beauty of the gifted greeting card.

Greeting card for Halloween

A Halloween greeting card for a kid

Here is a Halloween greeting card idea which could be prepared by a kid. An oil pastel color box, pencil, and scrapbook is all you need. Choose a scrap paper with a color that would never show up when colored. Thus it will be easy to choose the color to paint too. Draw the art you wish to on the greeting. Leave the other side to write a quote on it. Paint the picture that you have drawn. Fill the empty sheet with either black, orange or dark blue. This would bring an effect of the scene before dawn. Hence a multi-timed card is ready.

Halloween greeting card idea

Printed cards

Printing cards could be a better Halloween greeting card idea. Printing can be done in two ways, manually and use a printer. Draw the desired shape that you wish to print. Make a stamp out of it. Stamp it all over the card. Choose a mild paint. A paint that has no elasticity. Better if it is a dye. After the stamp dries, paste a picture that you wish to show. Some written parts inside the Halloween greeting card is better.

Halloween card

Our take

Greeting cards have always been one of the best ways to wish someone. Its craze amongst kids is unmatchable. So, make some cool Halloween greeting cards and enjoy the festival to the fullest.

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