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Dreams: How do we dream? Why do we dream?

Written by Ansar

What is a dream, How do we dream?

Dreams are often amazing, disturbing, or downright eccentric. we tend to all dream — even though we do not bring it to mind following day. however, why do we dream? And what do dreams mean, anyway?

Dreams are basically stories and pictures that our mind creates so that we have a tendency to sleep. Dreams are often vivid. they’ll cause you to feel happy, sad, or scared. and that they could appear confusing or utterly rational.


Dream is often vivid and filled in with interesting stories

Dreams will occur anytime throughout sleep. however, most vivid dreams occur during deep, REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, the time when the brain is most active. Some specialists say we have a tendency to dream a minimum of four to 6 times per night.

Why do we dream, is there any scientific reason behind it?

There are several theories regarding why we tend to dream, however, nobody is aware of it. Some researchers say dreams don’t have any purpose or meaning and are nonsensical activities of the sleeping brain. Others say dreams are necessary for mental, emotional, and physical health.

In one study, researchers woke subjects as they were just drifting off into a rapid eye movement. Studies show that dreams are equally important in many ways.

Many specialists say that dreams exist to:

1.Help solve issues in our lives
2.Incorporate recollections
3.Process your  emotions

If you visit bed with a distressful thought, you will wake with an answer, or at least feel higher regarding matters. it is true that we dream things that happen in our daily life, and in the end, dreams give you the answers.

Perhaps there’s benefit with all these theories. Some dreams might facilitate our brains process our thoughts and therefore the events of the day. Others could be the results of normal brain activity and mean little if anything. Researchers are still making an attempt to figure out precisely why we tend to dream.

 Our Take

No one is sure about why we dream and how we dream, but dreaming is an adventures thing, and we people from YRSnews just love it and we hope you love it too.

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