What are the mistakes that cause new habit fail

how to change habits
Written by Anshu Jha

How to change habits you don’t like

Everyone wants to grow and become a better person and in order to do that the first thing which strikes our head is changing our bad Habits. But wait what are the bad habits? Is there seriously any habit to be called bad? If yes then what are those?

See first of all let me clear the rumor/perception of bad and good things. Something which might seem bad to you could be best for someone and vice-versa. So keeping the debate of good and bad habits aside let’s talk about the resolutions which we make to improvise things in ourselves which we feel are bad. But resolutions mean new habits and we are the l.iving proof of how difficult it is to adopt new habits.

how to change habits

How to change habits


Changing behavior is not a matter of day

First and the foremost law of changing a habit is accepting that nothing could happen overnight especially changing a habit can’t (Until you are completely broken or over inspired). But have you tried of knowing Why is that? What are the most important reasons new habits fail to stick?

Before we dig deep into the matter, we thought we should tell you the fact that this article is written after a deep research.

The list of tips to change habits is as follows:

1. Acknowledge this issue

Yes, knowing the real problem is the first and foremost thing one should work upon. If you know the real cause of the bad deeds happening to you then you have won the half of the battle.

2. Change your environment

Environment plays a major role in defining our habits. In order to adopt different and new habits, we need to start jellying up in a new environment so that we can easily get rid of the old habits.

3. Don’t do it all alone

Yes, being a lone warrior is a thing of pride but when it comes to something long term we literally need to accept the fact that we can win solo games alone but not the group games. Many a time it’s about people so go get some for you.

4. Don’t push yourself too hard

Pushing the limit is something we all need but sometimes limits are the small breaks we should take to jump higher.

5. Enjoy the change

The most important thing before doing anything is the courage and happiness of starting something new. Never let it go away just hold it on and enjoy your small achievements.

6. Just don’t think of people

Yeah in the fear of what people will say don’t  ruin yourself if you’re liking it do it.

A small tip


Personally, I prefer to focus on building one new behavior into my life at a time. Once that habit becomes routine, then I move on to the next one. For example, I spent six months focusing on going to the gym every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Once that felt like a routine, then I moved on to my next habit, which was writing a new article every Monday and Thursday. This time, I spent eight months focusing on the new habit until it became part of my lifestyle. Next, I moved on to stop eating sweets daily. And so on. You get the idea.

Our take

The first and foremost reason why people want to change there habits is the people around them. Just because of the fear of society we compromise a lot with our needs/happiness/liveliness and many more. Here on this issue our take is very  straightforward;

If you want to change then do it for yourself not the society.

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