How to get six pack abs: 5 tips to get six pack abs

how to get six pack abs

5 daily habits to get six-pack abs

how to get six pack abs

How to get six pack abs

How to get a six pack abs is the biggest for all of the beginners in the gym. Following various diet regimes and hours spent in the gym still, does not yield the results as expected. Many people can be seen working hard as hell in the gym to get a six pack abs. Or some choose the other way: They go for steroids. There is absolutely no problem in opting for steroids unless you are a professional bodybuilder. So some changes can be brought in daily routine which will help you in getting a solid 6 pack abs.

How to get six pack abs: Here are 5 daily habits to get six pack abs

1. Get a Breakfast rich in carbohydrate and proteins

how to get six pack abs

healthy breakfast foods

There goes a saying ‘To be healthy, eat like a King in the morning.’ Breakfast is an essential meal of the day. Take a proper breakfast so that you don’t reach out for deep fried and oily snacks. Include whole wheat bread, milk, and sprouts in your breakfast. Try munching on fruits rather than on packaged chips and wafers. Opt for sprouts and nuts rather than artificial sweeteners. Try to include nutritious food items like curd, lentils, tofu etc in your breakfast.

2. Set up a fixed time to Wake-Up

how to get six pack abs

Set up a daily routine for waking up

Drink two glasses of water as you wake up in the morning. This will help you stop the lazing off and will freshen you. Try to drink lemon and honey drops in lukewarm water instead of tea. Lemon and Honey drops to increase the rate of metabolism in your body. This will help in reducing the belly fat to some extent. One glass of lukewarm water with drops of lemon and honey is also beneficial for muscle development. It also helps in reduction of belly fat. In fact, during the night, the muscles are under a repair process. As a consequence, the body needs to be re-hydrated in the morning. So wake up on time and keep your body hydrated.

3. Say bye to Beer

how to get six pack abs

Say no to beer

How to get six pack abs: Say no to beer. Beer is a high source of carbs. As a result of internal chemical reactions, These carbs will get converted to body fat. And when these carbs get combined with alcohol, they make you gain fat very fast. So avoid drinking beer or at least reduce the intake level to minimum quantity. Go for natural drinks like coconut water or homemade lemonade.

4. Relieve your stress

how to get six pack abs

Relieve your stress to lead a healthy lifestyle

Stress makes you dull and demotivated. This kind of conditions forces you eat anything rubbish. So keep your inner self-calm. Opt for stress releasing activities. Do yoga or go for early morning walks. Play outdoor sports like cricket, football. Laugh as often as you can. Pets, sports or music are means that help you to relieve your stress pack abs.

5. Combine weight training and cardio

how to get six pack abs

Combine crunches with weight training to get six pack abs

Do 3 sets of sit-ups and crunches. This will warm up your body for lower belly workout. But don’t rely only on cardio. Combine weight training with cardio Do proper weight training every day. Try to finish your weight training within 90 minutes. Weight training is as important for abs as crunches. So, try to include crunches and lateral crunches every, an alternate day with daily weight training.

So here are tips for How to get six pack abs. 

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