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Journey of Bollywood from absurd to astonishing

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Written by Sonali Mahajan

Bollywood moving away from being the glamour world!

Over the past few years, the Bollywood Industry has evolved from being called a Glamour World. The quality of cinema has improved. The public has become more demanding and they don’t want to settle for mere love stories or super-hero movies for the money which they are paying to buy tickets.

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Bollywood over the years:

Some of the directors and producers have realized it by studying the minds of the viewers and have started focusing more on content-driven movies. Since the configuration of India’s population consists of, maximum no. of young people or those called as the working age group, they are basically very open minded and can easily accept the discussion and debate on the social topics which are considered as Taboo.

Bollywood news

Bollywood and its journey

A more grounded approach:

In recent times many such ‘’below the belt’’ movies have been made so as to increase awareness about such sensitive issues. For instance actor Akshay Kumar and Bhumi Pednekar starrer TOILET- Ek Prem Katha addresses the problem of open defecation, where a common man takes up a stand for this cause and pledges to eradicate this age old tradition by changing people’s mindsets. Whereas another movie ‘Phullu’ is a story of a man who tries to create awareness about menstruation and arrange affordable sanitary napkins for women in rural areas. Another good example of this is Ayushmann Khurrana’s SHUBH MANGAL SAVDHAN that went on screens last Friday only. The film talks about erectile dysfunction and how this creates a ruckus in a couple’s life who is about to get married. These were some of the examples but there are much more on the list.

Our take:

According to me, it feels great that so many movies are made on such off-beat concepts that not only leads to entertainment but also helps in creating awareness amongst the society. Many mainstream actors have also contributed to promoting such concept oriented films by signing them. So I think we can consider it as one of the finest phases of the Bollywood industry and we should feel lucky that we are part of this era.

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