Legendary Singer Dhinchak Pooja has been kicked out of Youtube

Dhinchak Pooja videos
Written by Rishabh Sinha

You will no longer find videos of your superstar Dhinchak Pooja on Youtube

And finally “Ache Din Aa Gaye Mitron”, it has arrived, as all the videos of Dhinchak Pooja have been deleted from her YouTube channel.  It’s a big relief for the whole nation from the sophomoric songs of Legendary singing sensation Dhinchak Pooja.  With sluggish songs like ‘Selfie maine le li aaj”,  “ Swag wali topi meri” and the current one “Dillon ka shooter hai mera scooter” Dhinchak Pooja had created a terror among the people. But the faith in God has been restored again sent by his angel Mr. Kathappa Singh, not that Kathappa who killed Bahubali, but the one who saved million of people from the abhorrence of Miss Pooja.

Copyright issues

Mr. Singh has again recited the shlok of Gita to the world “Whenever there will be a fall of Dharma and uprise of Adharma than I will be born to restore the righteousness.”  Mr. Kathappa has reported her videos under copyright issues and as a result, all her videos have been disappeared from her YouTube channel. Now if you will search for Dhinchak Pooja ( why the hell!  Anyone would do that?) you will find that there is no video on the channel,  What a solace!

Dhinchak Pooja videos

Dhinchak Pooja

Internet sensation

Dhinchak Pooja who took the internet by storm with her unmatched singing talent which can even make Selena Gomez feel complex is no more available on the internet but it could be a strategy or promotional act also. Oh No ! ( God will save us believe him).

Dhinchak Pooja youtube

Excerpt from “Selfie Meine le li Aaj”

Memes and videos are on the role

This breaking news has made people to create memes and videos to spread this good news to the people as much as possible. People are crying tears of joy after knowing about this breaking news. Dhinchak Pooja had created harm to many brains and ears which can not be cured but people are happy that they got justice,  they got justice.


Note: This post is totally dedicated to entertainment purpose

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