Mexico creates huge national park to protect marine life

National park in Mexico
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A national park to protect marine life in Mexico installed

The Mexican government has created an oversized marine reserve around a gaggle of islands home to many species as well as rays, whales and ocean turtles. Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto designated on Friday the Revillagigedo land, situated some 390 kilometres (242 miles) southeast of the Lower California peninsula, as a national parkland.

This four volcanic island is the home to hundreds of species of animals and plants, which includes the rays, humpback whales, sea turtles, lizards and migratory birds.

Why is the reservation made?

Wildlife conservation is the plan to defend vulnerable animal and plant species, in conjunction with their natural environment. We know the fact that many of the species are in danger zone which is a very bad thing for the earth.

National park in Mexico

National Park in Mexico

When a species ends, it not only affects that particular individual but it also affects human beings and all other existing species as there is a breakage of the food chain. It means that when a species ends, it means that we are nearing towards the end of the world. Hence this decision that is taken by the Mexican will make a good impact.

The national park in the Mexico

The environment Ministry and Navy “will perform police investigation, equipment and training activities which will embrace remote observation in real time, environmental education directed at fishermen and sanctions against offenders,” aforementioned Pena Nieto.

The creation of the marine park is predicted to assist recover fish populations hit onerous by industrial fishing and was praised by the globe wildlife Fund and British billionaire Richard Branson.

It has many breeds of ocean life, as well as humpback whales that use the shallow and coastal areas around the islands for breeding. María José Villanueva, the director of conservation of WWF in Mexico, delineated the move as an “important precedent” to the remainder of the globe, in line with native media.

Our Take

This is a good step taken by the Mexicans, people from other countries can witness this beautiful park which will definitely attract spectators.

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