All you need to know about Modi’s ‘Make In India’

Make In India
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All you need to know about Modi’s ‘Make In India’

Make In India

A scheme launched by our PM Narendra Modi called MAKE IN INDIA

From the last few years, you might have been hearing or reading about this slogan of ‘Make in India’. If not, then you must have read it on the packaging of a product and felt a little bit proud. No? Here’s a great chance to feel and make India proud by putting in your efforts in this superb scheme launched by our PM Narendra Modi called MAKE IN INDIA. Read on to know more!

What is Make in India?

Make In India

Make in India is an initiative by government to become self-sufficient in production

On 25th September 2014 PM, Narendra Modi had launched the MAKE IN INDIA initiative with the objective to encourage multinationals & domestic companies of India to produce/manufacture their goods in their home country.

By this, he meant that it is his dream to make India a global producing/manufacturing club by promoting the idea among the youth of our country to take up the entrepreneurship and produce high-quality local goods within the country.This initiative is led by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion. 

Aim of Make in India initiative

It aims to increase the contribution of the manufacturing sector in India to 25 per cent of the GDP (Gross domestic product) by the year 2025. Currently, the percentage is only 16 percent. Under this initiative, there has been an introduction to multiple schemes and ideas like entrepreneurship and promotion of the idea of entrepreneurship, FDI(foreign direct investment) implementation of intellectual rights and development of manufacturing sector.


This initiative is targeting twenty-five sectors of the economy which are – automobile, IT sector( information technology) and BPM process( business process management ), seeks facilitation of job creation, fostering innovation and enhancing skill development. It also protects the intellectual property of the businesses.

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Our Take:

Make In India is definitely the need of the hour. Modi’s slogan, however, is a worry point of a lot of countries including China (as they have a huge market base in India) and the US (following Trump’s slogan of ‘Make America great again). On the other hand, internally, the response received is quite positive and enthusiastic. However, like all ideas and initiatives on this scale, we need to give it some time to fuel, let’s keep an eye on the far-reaching impacts of Make in India!

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