Morning strategy for a fresh and efficient start

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Written by Rashmi Sharma

How to get a fresh Morning start

Getting out of bed going off to work is something that we all generally dislike. Deciding to wake up early and get into the flow of working is really very hectic. Who doesn’t like an extra nap in the morning?  But getting up in the morning with a fresh and a light mood does not only require an early sleep but a simple strategy. And here we have a few tips that might give you a fresh and an early start in the morning.

Morning strategy for a fresh start

Set up a proper alarm and say no to snooze

Set a morning alarm

This is as simple as it sounds, you just need to set a proper alarm for the time you want to wake up. But there is only one thing that you should take care of is that to resist yourself from going on to the snooze mode. You might think that it does no harm in taking two minutes extra but it really is risky.

Make your bed

how to make bed

Even though getting up in the morning is really hard, once you’ve left your bed, try not to go back into your warm cosy illusion. Instead of eyeing your bed and resisting it, try to make your bed instead. It will not only subconsciously resist your body to move back in your bed but will also give your body the required time to wake up.

Having a cold shower

Morning shower

We usually prefer lukewarm water for taking showers but  warm showers makes us sleepy. Some people have completely left the idea of taking shower with warm water just to have an effective start in the morning. Another thing which can be adopted is, taking cold shower blast of about 30 seconds and then switching to warm water and doing so alternatively.

Healthy breakfast and caffeine intake

how to get a fresh mood

It is really important to get something in your stomach. Going to work without breakfast can really make your day worse. Start your day with some healthy food, it’s not advisable just to rely on coffee or just any other beverage, instead, take some healthy fibre with it which will surely fill up energy to the core and eventually make your day more efficient.

Manage your daily schedule

how to get fresh start in the morning

It is recommended to get an average of eight hours of sleep daily. Manage your daily routine in such a way that you do not compromise with your sleep at any cost. And in case you are a night owl try to stay away from your electronic devices so that you can gradually go to sleep and wake up early as according to your alarm.

Follow the same schedule on weekends

how to get fresh start in the morning

Weekend are known to spoil our daily schedule. Thus to manage this is always good to stick to the same schedule. For an undisturbed schedule keep the alarm on the same time and try to follow your daily routine even on weekends. In the beginning, it may make you a little uncomfortable but trust this strategy, it will eventually make you more efficient and will make to accomplish more throughout the day.

Our Take

Getting up in the morning is really a tough task. But due to our work schedule, we are forced to leave our bed and get ready. But it is utterly important to get a sound sleep as well, it should be noted that we should not compromise on our sleep which may lead to many disorders as well. Even though we have listed few efficient ways which might help you to get a fresh start in the morning. But in case if you have any other more effective way of getting up in the morning for a fresher start do let us know in the comment section.

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