Mother’s day 2018: “My home is where my mom is”

Mother's day 2018
Written by Anshu Jha

Mother’s day 2018: Celebrating the mothers

Mother's day 2018

Mother’s day 2018

Mother is the first friend, first teacher, first parent, first love, first soulmate and all those “firsts” that you can think of. She is the one who brings us to this world at the cost of her own self. A mother nurtures her child by keeping herself on the altar of sacrifice. She endures the pain and hardships so that we can become what we are today.

A Mother can play different roles but no one can play her role as she can, though there are some exceptions when a Dad, Grandmother, Grandfather or any other person tries to play a mother’s role but being a mother is something which only a mother can afford. She is the constant companion in our lives. When we try to recall even the faintest memories of our childhood, we can picture her in those blurry frames.

A mother’s relationship is psychologically the most strongest relationship of all with/within the family. Their ability to sense, feel, and understand is amazingly accurate. It is downright impossible for a son to lie in front of her mother even if you think she doesn’t know really. A mother knows how to make a house, home! And that is a no joke task because that is the basic foundation of family.

A mother knows and understands the pain of her child in the most crystal clear understanding. She would always know if something’s wrong. She would always know where’s the waist belt you lost last night in the room. Somehow! She can always find the lost stuff exactly where you would have looked for it right before!!! To lookout and find the lost, is a blessing. And when you come across this, “God could not ne everywhere so he sent mothers to mother Earth.” …believe in it!

Why is Mother’s Day celebrated?

Mother's day

Mother’s day 2018

There is something magical about all the mothers out there. They always stood there for us like our backbones or say it our mothers are the only support system we can rely on (Sorry fathers but it’s true though there must be some exceptions). A mother protects her child from all the adversaries and still kept herself so tender. She always managed to pull that sweetest smile even when she was not okay. Whenever I face any problem or I was sad, She is the one whom I seek as she seems to have solutions to all problems.

Our Mothers always managed to pull that sweetest smile even when they aren’t okay. Whenever we face any problem or get sad, mad or whatever, our mother is the one whom we seek as she has solutions to all the problems.

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In today’s world, when life is becoming hard and stress level has risen too much we can only feel safe secure and comfortable with our close ones especially if it’s our mom.

Let’s show the love and gratitude to the most beautiful lady in everyone’s life by giving her what is precious to everyone…Yes, Your Time. Well, you can’t give anything to the person who has given you all the stuff in your life and the utmost of that thing is your life (Isn’t it funny we are asking you to make your mom happy?).

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Happy Mother's day

Mothers day images

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Our take on Mother’s day

This mother’s day, let’s just not limit ourselves to our own mother. Let’s take a moment and thank all those motherly figures in our lives, be it our sisters, friends, teachers, friend’s mom, wife or any of those beautiful ladies who cared for us when our mother wasn’t around.

Let’s take some time from this rattrap world of unnecessary competition and sneak into the abode of happiness and peace by being there with the God herself – Mother.

For more such updates stay tuned with us and yes don’t forget to wish your mother a Happy mother’s day. You can also follow us on social media sites.


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