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All India Bakchod booked by Mumbai Police

All India Bakchod
Written by Ankur Kumar

Cops filed a FIR for defamation against AIB

All India Bakchod

All India Bakchod booked by Mumbai Police

An instant FIR was filed by the Mumbai Police against All India Bakchod a YouTube channel with millions of viewers.  The police filed the FIR on their own for defamation against AIB for a tweet on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It’s a matter of concern that for a tweet on PM, they have filed the FIR on their own, but they are yet to file a defamation case on the complaint made by a woman activist. The woman activist made a complaint 16 months ago that she is being trolled on twitter but FIR is still not filed.

Aftab Siddique’s complaint on All India Bakchod

 All India Bakchod

The police filed the FIR on their own for defamation against AIB for a tweet on Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Aftab Siddique is a local activist and chairperson of the 33 Road Khar ALM-14. She has been struggling since last year to file a first information report. She wants to file a FIR for online harassment and defamatory comments against her on twitter. The cops had said that they have registered the FIR but she still does not have the copy of the FIR.

She was targeted and trolled on twitter for supporting poor tenants of a slum rehabilitation authority building against a builder. After all this, she was called an extortionist, a blackmailer, a thief, and a bribe taker. She approached the Khar Police station to file a complaint but could only manage to get a non-cognizable (NC) complaint. She could not register a FIR though she has given a written complaint about defamation.

No action on Siddique case

Aftab did not give up. She wrote complaints to Mumbai Police Commissioner Datta Padsalgiri in April last year. This complaint was forwarded to the cyber police within 2 days. In May this year, she was called at the Cyber Police Station to give her statements. However, till date, she is not sure whether the complaint has been registered or not. She has not got a copy of the FIR till now.

Our take on All India Bakchod case:

It is a matter of fact that if anyone has written or trolled the Prime Minister, the FIR is filed within one day but when the same person has done the same thing with a common person of the country; no action has been taken even after one year. No FIR is filed on a complaint by common man of the country and the cops file FIR themselves within a day if the same thing is done for the leaders. This shows that you will have to pay for speaking against or trolling the Prime Minister and no action will be taken if you troll or insult any other particular common individual of the nation.

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