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Art of parenting

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A child is never bad, the one who is bad are parents. The behavior of a child does not count in the part of better life, the behavior of parents play a vital role. Parenting has become tough nowadays due to increase in the interest of monetary benefits. The best way of parenting needs adaptation of smart mechanisms. Kids learn more from you then your lessons. Here are some instructions that every parent should follow in order to maintain harmony.

1. Never say “No” to your child

Children are more attracted towards things that you restrict them from doing. They tend to get tempted to do things that you obstruct. Instead of preventing them, try to suggest an alternate thing, that would be better for them.

Child: Mom, shall i play with the mobile?

Mom: Enjoy playing with the doll, dear!

This can be the best way to keep your kid engaged in some sort of interesting activities. The very benefit of this trick is that, you can keep them busy in the way you wanted them to. “No” can make children disappointed and make them lose interest in everything that they do.

Art of parenting

2. Never try to hurt them

Hurting a child either physically or mentally will sow the seed of arrogance in them. When you beat a child, he might repeat his mistakes, with a doltish thought that the punishment is well known and would hardly care about it. Hitting a kid for committing mistakes can never stop him/her from doing so, as explaining can. When you scold or hurt the children, there is a chance of them getting affected mentally, which can be a great stepping stone for problems. Be as kind as possible and ensure their way accomplishing safety.

Never hurt kids

3. Do not fight in front of them

Never argue or fight with anyone when your child is watching or hearing. This can have a serious impact on their heart. Children have the capacity to observe things keenly. Once you fight in front of them, they will either imitate or imagine ill about humans. Next time when you get into a serious argument with someone, ensure that your kids are not around.

Fighting in front of children

4. Answer them in the right way

Children are experts in asking question, where parents find it difficult to answer all of them. When they try to put forward a question to you, try answering them properly and make them think more. Remember, that these kids are new to the world and you owe the responsibility to teach them what the world actually looks like.

Answering the questions of kids

Our take

Parenting is considered to be an art, where parents use their imaginary and creative skills to mold their children in the right way. Once parents succeed in the art of parenting, children would never face hindrances in their lives. A parent must act as the secret power lens that every kid uses to view the world.

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