How Racism turned Usman Khawaja away backing Australian team

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Coming through struggles in his life

Australian cricketer Usman Khawaja shared about racial abuse, that he had gone through during his earlier childhood days. On a blog, he shared about the struggles related to Racism he had gone through in his childhood along with other overseas born friends.

He has also said that it was very tough for him to fight the racial discrimination. Usman Khawaja who is a Pakistani born said in a blog post that Racism was widespread during his junior days, which killed the sporting ambitions of many other overseas friends.

Khawaja wrote on a website named, which said that Getting sledged by opposition players and parents was tough for him.

He also said that, whenever he scored runs, opposition player’s parents would back-bite or say things directly to his face. He also said that this was the only reason why his other overseas born friends didn’t want to represent Australia in any kind of sporting event.


Usman Khawaja

First ever Muslim to represent Australia

Usman Khawaja has become the first ever Muslim to represent Australia in the test, left-handed Khawaja has scored 1,728 runs at an average of 45.47 in the 24 test matches that he has played till now. He is likely to be selected for the Ashes against England too, wherein he is likely to bat at number 3.

” No one looked like us, in the Australian team,” Said Usman Khawaja. He said that when he saw Australian team he felt it odd as he looked very different from all other players in the Australian team.

Usman also said that many aspiring players had been thwarted by racism. He said he was very competitive and fought all odds in his life to succeed.

Khawaja also says that he had heard of such stories in his life many a time, he also says that many overseas parents can now believe that their child having a good future.

Our Take

Sometimes in your life, you will have to fight each and every person in your life, but make sure you are mentally strong to achieve the success in your life. Keep it in mind, whatsoever happens never ever give up.

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