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10 Reasons why Millennials still love FRIENDS and will always do

Friends cast
Written by Ritika Mendiratta

Reasons why FRIENDS is still the best TV show

While we have witnessed many ground breaking and record breaking tv show in the past two decades. Nothing, absolutely nothing, has come close to the phenomenon that is FRIENDS.

Though the older generations have questioned the actions of millennials; no one can, or will, question the love this generation has for the popular Tv show.

But, like everything else, there are still people who hate it, there is always a question in their head What is it? What is it about this one particular show that this generation can’t seem to let go of?

Friends cast


Well, here’s your answer

It Still Makes Sense

See, the thing about friends? The story still makes sense. You never feel as if the story is forced or the characters stupid. You can always relate because, at the end of the day, that’s what you would do too.

Could This Show BE Any Funnier?

While everyone has their own sense of humor, nothing beats the way Chandler’s quips, Joey’s antics, Rachel’s absentmindedness, Ross’s nerdiness, Phoebe’s straight up weirdness, and Monica’s actions make you laugh.

That Apartment

We’ve all, at some point in our lives, dreamed of living with our best friends and FRIENDS is the show that showed us how much fun it can be!

The Struggle

While it did with a light-hearted note, FRIENDS dealt with some majorly tragic issues like Unemployment, Death, Homelessness and self-esteem issues. And the show did it in a way that you could feel the pain without it hurting.

The Magic Beans

One of the most important scenes in the show is where Rachel looks at her wacky, crazy friends and realizes that with those magic beans by her side, she could do anything. And she did.

The Rules Of Love

Friends taught an entire generation that you will fail in love miserably, with Ross’s three divorces, that sometimes what you’re looking for is right in front of you, with Monica and Chandler, and that some people will be alone, like Joey, and that will be okay. And it managed to do it hilariously.

Troublesome Twenties

Friends took you on a ride through the twenties of six very different people, to show you how even if you’re broke if your love life’s a joke and no one told you that life was gonna be this way, someone will be there for you. And you’ll be there for them too.

The Sarcasm Is Strong In This One

No matter how many shows come and go, nothing will be able to duplicate Chandler with his innate need to make everything funny. But don’t tell him I said that, he’ll never stop.

We’ve All Been There

Friends manage to capture and showcase the most awkward of situations in the best way possible. We all manage to screw up sometimes, though not as colossally as Ross, who said the wrong name at his wedding, and while I hope that doesn’t happen to you, I’m sure you can relate.


Friends are the ultimate squad goals you will ever find, and we all know that if you are ever lucky enough to find friends like that, you never let go Ever.

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