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Taylor Swift Returns From The Dead, Will her Reputation also come back?

Taylor Swift
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“Look What You Made Me Do”

Taylor Swift

Taylor swift

“I’m sorry, but the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, cause she’s dead,” sings Taylor Swift in her new single, “Look What You Made Me Do”, and the song has left her fans, and some not-fans, wondering if she really is. On August 23rd, after three years of radio silence, Taylor Swift announced the release of her sixth studio album, titled “Reputation”, scheduled to hit the stores on November 10th, later this year and along with it she released the first single off the album, “Look What You Made Me Do”. This announcement came on the heels of Taylor cryptically posting videos of a snake on her social media accounts, which fans believe was a diss on the people who called her a ‘snake’ after her very public feud with Kanye and Kim Kardashian West.

The Story So Far

While the celebrity world is filled with stories of fighting and making-up, the Taylor Swift- Kanye West is one that had lasted longer than most. It all began in 2009 when Kanye interrupted Taylor as she received the Video of The Year award at the MTV VMA’s and said that “Beyoncé had the best video of all times,”. The story exploded and Kanye Wests reputation took a dive forcing him into silence for a few years. The next chapter of the story unfolded in 2015 when, surprisingly, everything seemed to be alright and we witnessed Swift giving Kanye an award at- again- The VMA’s and called him her ‘friend’.

For once, the world seemed to have peace. But it won’t be much longer as Kanye West released a song ‘Famous’ in which he sings, “Taylor Swift might have sex with me, I made that bitch famous,” and proceeded to include a naked Taylor Swift figurine in the music video. Taylor, then, took a dig at him indirectly, in her Grammy acceptance speech saying that ‘people try to take credit for her accomplishments,” and claimed she had no knowledge of the song. Kim, then, being the ever-loving wife, released a Snapchat of a recording that seemed to suggest that Taylor did know of the song and had approved. This led to the internet turning against Swift and she went from America’s Sweetheart to a ‘Snake’.

Look What You Made Me Do- Diss or Satire.

Following tradition, Taylor released the music video of her new single at the 2017 VMA’s and the video divided the internet into people who think Taylor has been playing the victim too long and need to let this go and people who think the satirical music video is hilarious and applaud her for being able to make fun of herself. The music video appears to be extremely layered as it includes variously hidden and some not so hidden references to everything that’s been said and written about her in the past few years. Through the video, she seems to attack everything that’s been said about her and appears to be taking back the narrative.

The internet, however, hasn’t been able to digest this completely and has made Taylor Swift into the newest meme. Though Taylor Swift is yet to make a public appearance since the release of the song, people eagerly await her return and an explanation from her.

Our Take

While people across the internet have varied opinions on the song and the video, both have done exceedingly well, the video having broken Youtube’s record for being the most watched video in the first 24 hours. And the writer here at YRS thinks that barring everything there is something to be said for the immense success that Taylor Swift song has seen in only the first week of release. While the feud continues to be the center of attention, many fans believe the song is not the best of what Taylor can do and expect a lot more from her upcoming album.

The thing this feud and the attention it has received seems to elicit is the double standards by which the industry looks at any female who has managed to do well for herself. The question that arises is, would the same actions, but from a man, elicit a similar response. While Taylor gets slut-shamed for dating, would people even bat-an-eye if a man is in the same position? While Taylor gets called a gold digger for wanting money for her work, a man would probably be applauded. And while Taylor gets called a snake for defending herself, a man would probably be celebrated. It’s these double standards that raises the question, “Is Taylor Swift the problem, or are we?”

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