Are you falling ill more than ever? Than you might need tips for Kitchen Hygiene

Kitchen Hygiene
Written by Sadiqua Khan

Improper Kitchen Hygiene:

kitchen hygiene instructions

Tips for Kitchen Hygiene

Kitchen, the most common and basic place found in every home, hotels, and restaurants. A place where we can feed our hunger with the love, ‘food’. A place where we cook and serve food not only for ourselves but also for our beloved ones also a place from where we spread the love but what if start spreading diseases or infections, too?

Ever thought about that in this way, if not then start it from today itself. Every coin has two sides, we think we’re spreading the love but in reality, we spreading infections, diseases and blaming it all either on the weather or outside foods.

We all might know about the most basic yet so important method i.e. ‘cleaning’ but do we really do in a way that it has to be done or we just fooling ourselves? We are so busy in handling ups and downs of our life that we even forget to groom our kitchen like we do ourselves. Grooming kitchen is as necessary as grooming ourselves. We all are familiar with the proverb ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ but we hardly or I say we depend on our maids to do it for us and later we have to face all the consequences.

Tips for Kitchen Hygiene

Houston cleaning service gives tips on various preventive methods to clean our kitchen and make it safe for all:

  1. Cleaning

Kitchen Hygiene

Tips for Kitchen Hygiene

We all are already very familiar with the word. While cleaning kitchen please be very careful, not to mix and match the floor cleaning cloth with kitchen platform cleaning one,  as it has a high chance of contaminating food with germs and also use some cleaning liquids to clean the kitchen.

  1. Washing

Tips for Kitchen Hygiene

Tips for Kitchen Hygiene

While washing one should also be very careful not to mix the washed utensils with unwashed ones as it’s another way to invite germs unknowingly and also use some washing bars or liquids instead of detergents. Washing foods like fruits and vegetables with 2% salt removes most of the pesticides.

  1. Clean before Cooking

Kitchen Hygiene tips

Tips for Kitchen Hygiene

The first step while cooking is to wash your hands with antiseptic soaps instead of scented ones before and after cooking to kill harmful germs. Cooking helps in improving taste and food quality, destruction of micro-organisms, improves digestibility, increases variety, increases the availability of nutrients and its variety too.

  1. Food Sanitation

food sanitation

Tips for Kitchen Hygiene

It is our duty to keep our foods in good and proper sanitation. One should not leave the food uncovered. Foods like meat, the chicken should not be kept in the freezer because the water that oozes out from it will damage the fruits and vegetables kept in the refrigerator.

Effects of Kitchen Hygiene on  health

Improper sanitation of food as well kitchen will make us fall sick more often. It will also cause us food poisoning, diarrhea, and various harmful diseases. So from now onward, be little extra careful about your kitchen and the food sanitation.

Our Take:

By taking care of these simple pointers, we can lead a healthier life. So, what are you waiting for? Get going.

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