Trump says, Barack Obama behind protests against him

Barack Obama
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Trump accuses Barack Obama of engineering demonstrations against him

WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump has accused the former President of the US Barack Obama of orchestrating the demonstrations that have roiled streets, town halls, airports during the initial weeks of his presidency.

In an interview with Fox News’ Fox and Friends, which was aired on Tuesday morning in the US, the President also indicated Obama and his aides were behind the leaks of confidential information from the White House to the media.

Trump was questioned in an interview ‘if he trusted Obama was behind the town hall protests against him this month’.

Barack Obama

Trump says, Barack Obama behind protests against Me

“Barack Obama is behind those demonstrations”

“It turns out his organization appears to do a lot of this organizing to some of the demonstrations that these Republicans are witnessing around the nation against you. Do you think President Barack Obama is behind those demonstrations and if he is, is that a defiance of the supposed unsaid Presidents’ code?” Trump was asked.

“No, I think Barack Obama is behind it. I also believe it’s just politics. That is just the way it is,” Trump claimed in the pre-recorded interview, an excerpt of which was released on the night of Monday.

Trump then talked about the leaks that have disturbed his debut month in office.  Trump continued, “You never know what is exactly occurring behind the scenes… I think that President Obama is behind it because his people are certainly behind it.”

Republicans and right-wing media groups have accused the former president of controlling the demonstrations via a group called ‘Organizing for Action’ (OFA), a reformist group that developed out of Obama’s presidential campaigns. It is headed by Jim Messina, who was Obama’s deputy chief of staff through his first term as President and his campaign manager throughout the 2012 election.

Being a non-profit, the group cannot recommend for a political prospect, though its agenda is parallel to the Democrat’s and Obama’s crucial policy positions. However, there is no evidence that the former president is personally involved with the group.

Barack Obama on the right and Donald Trump on the left

Trump’s management has been tormented by leaks of classified information

Earlier this month, Trump revealed that details of his telephone calls were originated by leaks from “Obama aides”.

Trump’s management has been tormented by leaks within his command to the press. And he has continually railed against those doing the leaks and against the media since taking office. He has said the leaks are damaging to national security.

Our take:

The allegations made by the President of US is serious, but since no concrete evidence is provided by Trump. It doesn’t make Obama accountable to answer on the charges made by Donald Trump. Obama’s term as the president of US has been an example of probity.

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