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US-China relations:Trump sent a letter to Chinese President Xi

US-China relations
Written by Anshu Jha

Donald Trump lay the first stone with China.

US President Donald Trump has sent a letter to Chinese President Xi Jinping. The letter is Donald’s first direct approach to Chinese President since Trump took office. The letter by Donald thanked Mr. Xi for congratulating him on his inauguration. He also signs towards looking forward to ‘constructive’ US-China relations.

US-China relations

US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping

The letter by President Trump also wished the Chinese people a prosperous Lunar New Year of the Rooster.

Confirming the receival of letter China said it attached great importance to US-China relations.

Donald Trump has sent a letter to Xi Jinping

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said China eulogizes Trump for sending  Lunar New Year greetings to the Chinese people. He also mentioned that the co-operation between the two countries was the only option.

Since Trump took office the pair hasn’t talked directly although Trump and Xi did talk soon after Trump won the US presidential election in November.

US-China relations in recent months.


US-China relations

Recently in the month of December Trump took a call from Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen, The action angered China as this was the first time after 1979 when a President of US or a President-elect involved with Taiwan.

Mr. Trump has also challenged Beijing on a sensitive issue like South China sea.

In the month of December just before his inauguration, the president-elect posted several tweets criticizing China for its operations in the South China Sea and its exchange rate policy.

China has repeatedly said it has smooth contacts with the Trump team.

The Foreign Ministry in Beijing said last week the two countries were remaining “in close touch”.Our take on the matter

Our take on the matter

Donald Trump has always criticized China for its activities in the South China Sea, its one china policy,  its exchange rate policy and much more. On the other hand giving strong replies, China has always stated: ” Trump is playing with Fire”. It will be interesting to see how the ties between China and US goes, as it will also affect the World.

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