Who won Rwanda’s presidential elections for the third time in a row?

Rwanda's presidential elections
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Who is Paul Kagame, the man who swept the Rwanda’s presidential elections?

He is the man who has effortlessly gained a sweeping majority of 98.63% in the recent Rwanda’s presidential elections. Such a huge number has certainly taken the whole world by a storm. He was a former rebel who has now been in power for 17 years. The genocide of 1994 is what triggered his interest in politics. He came to power around that time and did a successful job in stabilizing the economy and the disruptive atmosphere. But of course, controversy and this 56-year-old leader go hand in hand. He has been accused of interference in the media. Thus, directly nuzzling with one’s right to expression. Another similar accusation says that he suppressive methods on opposing voices.


Rwanda's presidential elections

Rwanda’s presidential elections 2017

The ‘landslide’ victory: Rwanda’s presidential elections

Critics and viewers throughout the world are calling his victory a landslide. It has certainly caused a stir in the political space. This further shows the power hunger of Paul Kagame, one of the most controversial, yet the most famous face of Rwanda’s presidential elections. After his win, Kagame said, “This is another seven years to take care of issues that affect Rwandans and ensure that we become real Rwandans who are (economically) developing,”

This whole election process was held after a referendum and the results came out to be the same. Some say that the elections are rigged, or that the voter is only of one particular sect. Kagame, on the other hand, dismissed such accusations saying, “Rwandans have shown that it was not manipulated by anyone but their own will.”

Our Take:

While it’s good to know that a person who brings stability has been elected back to power, at the same time it’s disturbing as well. Does such a huge majority with almost an invisible opposition speak very positively of the future? We all know that the opposition forms the crux of any democracy. We do hope that the next seven years are as prosperous for Rwanda as before!

-Isha Gupta

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